JDoubleU - Street Struck [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: JDoubleU
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Big L

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Tekst piosenki

We start with the heart to be a fresher
We wanna be better and clever but along the way, comes alot of peer pressure
It's not what we haven't done, that choose the man
We choose the plan, do things to who and what we can
Coz this is how we do it
And I dont need jordans to give me the kicks to tell me trouble is brewing
Coz these street smarts is what makes the heat blast
It'll have you spinning round more so than epleptic retards, then we start
Troubling, going down the left side of the fork
Where people got time for actions and nomore time to talk
Teenage life can be hard or easy you just gotta get scoring
But we all conforming to be in one group that's boring
We can't be ourlselves, for for that we have to be different
Other halves can't be seen to have the other one with em
Imagine a world with conformed roles reversed
A road cleaner going to work in a suit? thats so beserk

I remember being seven when they tried teach us bout heaven
I asked what if the army was my chosen profession
They said there's too much oppression with people second guessing
Following orders from a man they never see is too depressing
I mean, wait, hold up, isn't that religion?
Everybodys on a mission to whine and groan like a christian
I just wanna stay hidden from all this fiction
So for me to be on the front line shooting bitches is my kingdom
But dont get it twisted now, I'm not really in the army
Just someone trying to separate himself from the kens and barbies
Sorry barney I ain't got time for the illuminati party
I want my flow to create a wav as noticable than the tsunami
One day, ima be that guy, way up high, noticed by FBI
Then I die, no CSI
Then 10 years later they'll release my music
Give me one good year and i'll just be remixed on acoustic

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