Jemini - Love Me [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jemini
Album: The First Reflection Ep
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Dansonn

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Tekst piosenki

The drops are getting in my shoes
And the laces alone can't take away my blues
Are you only passing through or are you gonna love me?

[Verse 1:]
Do you really love me? When you tell me fuck me?
Talk about your hate and then you really wanna suck me
Our love is eternal, but we are inferno
Whenever we're fighting we light up and burn mo
There has to be another way to solve our shit
I don't like when others get involved in it
I wish we had a way or a standing ground
Cause when we fight we always bring things around
Strike of some pain, it's not right inside the depths of our brains
When we fight with all of our might and we try to be right it makes me feel insane
I wish we had another way out of this
Cause I love you and I just want your lips
I don't wanna fight cause I know it's not right
And it hurts at night and gets my chest really tight
What have you made me, all of your taking
Leads to my breaking, now I am shaking
My heart is aching
I wish you would take it and try to make it
Something better so I don't feel so naked
Make me feel great again like the mind you aided
You were the girl that treated me amazing
It felt so great that I can't believe we dated
What the fuck happened, thought we were lasting
Insulted my rapping, now I'm just laughing
The way you were acting, turned away from me with your back and
Made me go away from my life, fuck you you won't be my wife
After all the shit we put each other through
I don't ever wanna go back to you


[Verse 2:]
Filled me with lies, kill me then hide
When it subsided, tried to deny
All the cheating that you ever really did
Always going to my house to try to live
But you never ever gived, said I was a selfish kid
Never really gave a shit, to all the words that you spit
These women fuck with my cerebrum
I don't know why I stay and don't leave them
Maybe for love, maybe for lust
Maybe for trust, maybe for us
Maybe it's because I want them to change and not to give up
You raised proportions, cause the abortion
Affected you to the point of distortion
You took all my portions, made them contort in
Then when I hurt you you started retorting
You started with Charlie, it was so harming
Then went to Snow, the next was a low blow
Went to my friend Brandon, you were so scandalous
But it had damaged
Something inside, that's my reside, I was to hide
Cause of your lies, you made me so fried
That i couldn't even get up in a second I was alive!
I felt so boxed in! You were my toxin!
Made me think of suicide often!
It was your fault my feelings I lost them!
And it's so awesome how I could drop it
Get out the darkness, girl you were heartless
That's what I say
The pain that you caused is released in this track
I'm done with your ass and I'm never coming back!


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