Jesse Medina - Riddims 2.0 [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jesse Medina
Album: Meet Jesse Medina
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Architect

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Tekst piosenki

My thoughts are [?]
Riddims in my head

[Verse 1]
This is my life, this is what I do
Been did this shit since I was a little dude
Jogging home, stacking lyrics in the zone and evoke it; spittle
Sharp as a sickle like they ain't know it
These riddims in my head got me composing in 3D
Knee-deep, spit feces
Shooting the shit, overdeveloped and over the script
Half of these rappers they leave in the back
Go over their head like a solar eclipse
I'm in the zone on that gone shit
My own shit like when I own this
Don't let the pretty face fool ya
Cause in the mist of a second I might flip the script
Flipside and disrespect 'em
[?] or whatever the fuck happened
Then put it in my rapping
I came here to get it cracking, make you pop a sherm
Drunk swerving in the fast lane sipping Bourbon
[?] it just ain't working
Searching for the perfect drug, [?] surface
And everything's a rap to me
You all prospects in this, no one's exempt from me
My mama didn't raise no dummy
I'm laughing in my head, but ain't shit funny

[Verse 2: Ab-Soul]
And you can't take shit from me
I used to try to make sense, now I make money
I'm sick, sorry, my nose runny
The riddims in my head is arithmetic to teach a dummy
I had to dumb it down a thousand [?] and that ain't for me
I'd rather climb the highest mountain 'til my lungs collapse
From the altitude, but they'll remember who I was
I keep drying the rain where it ain't sunny
And I'mma make 'em pay a fortune for these Carson tales
Like how we dodged the Carson sheriff everywhere we dwelled
I wasn't selling, but I was with the felons that were
I'd never mention their names and that's how you get murked
I'll tell you simple and plain I flip the switch on my brain
And put my twist on the game and now I'm spending dough
You know I'm going insane, I blow an O to the face
Then drop a fo' in that thing, just ask my nigga Do
I'm good to go, green light, pedal to the floor
Got the green lit, finna go back to the stove
Say what? Soulo -- Say what? Soulo
Say what? Soulo -- Say what? Soul

[Verse 3]
You don't know my story, all you know is what you might've heard
My daddy did the break dance and moved uus to the 'burbs
1997 'til 2004, Right before the house were closed
Donna twerking with the wrist, was putting clothes on us like a mannequin
An exotic little bitch just copped a [?]
Tonic water mixed with the Vodka water
Seen it like a [?] on the ass and strip
There's virgin blood in the tub, take a bath in it, bitch
I ask and you shall receive, they call me 6 cellphones
Creeping on you like Yao Ming with the bells on
A booky nigga I can not be
If I die then do not grieve, the keys can unlock me
Aye, you a traitor like Sasuke
I flip a bitch like a switchblade, games we do not play
And see you carve me on my off-day
If I catch a nigga in the walkway, leave a nigga in chalk chained


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