JGivens - Polar Express [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: JGivens
Album: El v. Envy
Data wydania: 2013-08-06
Gatunek: Rap, Christian
Producent: DJ Juls

Tekst piosenki

Gunned down row by row they know the text
Nat Turner, here I go, hope for the best
Today's slave chains are gold, shoulder to chest
This underground railroad's cold, Polar Express

[Verse 1]
Free at last
Last like the call closed the tab
The mad dash for the last glass of alcohol
Bars it's like I eat them
Cause I've been fine with all these falls
And all of these scars, and man, I'm bleeding
Isopropyl antiseptic might slow all chance for infection
But what's the plan for the cancer that every man is possessing
My ancestors were a fan of this message
The plan to take every family from Abraham and direct them from the direction
Of evil with correction
Reconciling these evil reckless heathens
To the heavenly feet of Jesus believing
That His robe will lead us back to heaven
Any other freeway to freedom is a mass deception

They say slaves will never be free
In America
In America
But they didn't say those things to Harriet, no


[Verse 2]
I was walking in the lion's den
And everything I did just wasn't working like retirement
Flirting with a Leviathan
Purchased but wasn't buying
A serpent sold me a lie
But I'm certain, homie, I'm fine
I interpret closely and find that the fruit on this tree I knew not to eat was only designed
To keep you and me from pursuing the reason God is divine
The new knowledge of good and evil, eat it and free your mind
He repeated that second line like repeated that second line
I mean why would a serpent lie?
If you're curious, Jeremiah
Take this fruit I gave to the wife
Grind it smoothly, roll up two doobies
And you will provide the fire
Enlightenment will be the lighter
It's proven to get you high
But don't do it like in the movies cause usually movies lie
Like Nubian rulers in pyramids with rubies inside
I'm schooling you how to do it
I used to be cool with God
And music was my design
I'm digressing
No time for questions
You, just listen and nod


[Verse 3]
Man, I told you listen and nod
Forget the hook there's no time
This fruit will make you like God
Remember, why would I lie?
The blueprint will be imputed to every human
The movement is instituted the second you take this fruit and you chew it
Just do it like Nike signs
Your cruise is scheduled at two, it's a ship I made just for you
And I promise that you won't die
This journey through the middle passage to the land east of Nod
Will further you into Egypt and everyone will survive
Don't worry I'll give you pride and I'll never be by your side
Forever give you facades and a clever little mirage
See, you confuse me with God
Who gave you this coupe that only seats two
It's cute
But the fruit is the entire garage
Take this fruit intravenously, make this fruit into deity
Easily He could have seasoned you with the knowledge of you and me
But no He kept it secret, I know it's hard to believe
But He's not who He claims to be, so I need you to take this tree
And emancipate all creation from the scandal of their Creator
I'm gonna hand you this AK, spray and blam blam them during their prayer
Here's a camera, J, get creative
Decapitate after raping, attach it to every email
And tag it on every playlist
Abolish all of your slavery, acknowledging that you hate Him
And follow your selfish dreams, then follow me into Hades
Technology, politics, and astrology will debate
On behalf of this fruit attacking the Savior and any Jew
Who has even the audacity to proclaim and equip all these pastors with blasphemy
Rip and shatter His masterpiece
Quick, I've gathered the recipe, flip the batter like Gabby D
Mix and master catastrophe
Get this fast: your master creeps, saying He's on His way back
You lack the capacity to perceive
Hey, stop thinking
Procrastination is only fine when you need it
Look, homie, it's not persuasion
I'm trying to get you to see it
He's fake, it's treason
Let me kindly respond to you on how I see this
That's evil like creating Cookie Monster with diabetes
Then watching him try to complete an impossible fast from sweets But then dropping him into a street filled with chocolate cookies and cream
And then haunting him in his dreams with the consciousness of his disease
But then rocking him back to sleep
And then mocking him with this tree filled with Keebler people
This coffin is not where you want to be
Peep it, Eve, she's already deceived
Now you eat, forget about Jesus
Repeat, rebel, and then exit this Garden Eden and heaven go


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