Jimmy Craig - Young Simba [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jimmy Craig
Album: Lift Off
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Intro - Simba & Mufasa]
One day, Simba, the sun will set on my time here
And will rise upon you as the new king
And this will all be mine?
Everything the light touches...

My brain over thinks each and every single action
I've always been afraid of not liking the reaction
I gotta play it out, and stick to my instincts
That way I can make it just in T like I'm in sync
Searching though my heart trying to find my drive like a scout
I always ask myself "should I take a different route?"
It's like I'm looking for water when I'm in a fucking drought
When you ask me if I'll make it, I say "without a fucking doubt"

I'm on a crazy ass journey just trying to find my swag
What separates me from the rest of the rap pack?
Is it the color of my eyes or the way I flip my hat?
It can't be that, I just gotta sit back and relax
And let the flows come to me, let the hoes come me
Wait a second, I don't think you understand fully
I'm not just your average rapper with a mic in his hand
I'm discovering my own land and creating my own brand
I'm adventuring across uncharted water
Making lyrical sense that's enticing everybody's daughter
Just an artist with a vision and a little piece missin'
And it's all that I envision and I'm making it my mission
I'm gonna be one of the best that rap has to offer
With my lyrics and my flow that are wetter than an otter
When I call her she'll be all over me
And I ask her how she want it like I'm listening to Jodeci
Somebody needs to sign me, my shit is too grimy
To be left all alone, I'm in my fuckin' zone
And I'm going so hard it's like T-Rex's wanna bone
Your rhymes ain't shit, you're like a corny ass drone
Rappers nowadays are all fucking clones
All I hear about is bitches and everybody getting stoned
And I'm cool with that, it's the type of shit I like to party to
It's also the type of shit that girls get naughty to
Pay attention man, I've been rapping for a minute
But you won't understand until you take a closer listen
Cheesin' for the cameras, can you see my teeth glistening?
Spitting so dirty, someone hand me some listerine?
I'm bringing back old school, I'm not talking Will Ferrell
It's hard to get out like stacking crabs in a barrel
Bitch, I'm the real deal like you're in Vegas on the table
And I'll tell you one thing, without a doubt I'm most stable
Man I ain't no fable, you greedy fuckers should be playing with a dradle
And you babies should be sleeping in a cradle
When I was young, I had a problem that was nearly fatal
Clearly I've survived, somehow I'm here to stay though
It's a new era like the sox cap on my cranium
I'm lethal like uranium, rocking each and every stadium
I'm the youngest player kickin' it like Freddy Adu
I'll be the oldest player hittin' it like Hugh Hefner too
I don't wanna ruin a classic with some whack shit
But if you give me a shot, you can see I bring some class shit
They say white boys shouldn't rap, have you ever done the math?
More whites listen to rap than the blacks
And I'm saying real facts like snapple tea caps
Living the college life boy, I got naps on naps on naps
Give me time and I'll get those racks on racks on racks
But for now, all I got are my raps on raps on raps
I know I'm immature, you don't gotta tell me shit
Just take a fucking joke like you take a fucking dick
Hard work pays off so I don't take days off
I'm getting mad money, but not like Bernie Madoff
And I don't plan on stopping, so quit trying to turn the brakes on
I'm sleeping with the dough, but I ain't talking about Taekwon
I can't be G, that's too unexplicit
Booty calls give me money when they pay me a visit
You should be hearing this thinking "damn who is it?"
Hating on me is like fighting Wilfork, I wouldn't risk it
Chiefer of the reefer, I'm a green leaf breather
Girl of my dreams, I'll greet her when I finally meet her
Now I'm about to cross the line like Dale Earnhardt
I'm never burning pop tarts, I'm always burning girls hearts
And I represent the Fal, tick tock on the clock until the bomb goes BLAOW

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