JnJ Project - Chica Bonita [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: JnJ Project
Album: Game Over (Compilation)
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Ay Joe, Ay mami
My miss a come here, ok
Mira Mira, Joe, baby
I say my miss a come here
You don't hear me right
O so pretty, what's ya name baby?
Ya name's Chica, o, I like that, I like it

What's the deal girlfriend, my name is Drama
And I'm pleased to meet ya, say what's ya name
She said Ahh Chica Bonita, and I don't smoke reefer
Gotta keep my composier, ain't smoke that doja
Gotta get rid of that little shit, if you just wan'
Get a little bid closer
So I dropped the doja, hopped out the car
Show shorty rock 'em up the par
Get down, you know how I do, I be that superstar
It's a ill type game, but Chica Bonita was on my brain
Had me insane, this hot dame, look like a girl from Soul Train
I'm from Queens, where you from?
Shorty rock said she from Brooklyn, home of the Dodgers
We get down, better known as Crooklyn
Same in Queens, caught her jeans
Feelin cat or sellin smack
Doin all that, matter fact, Mita just forget all that
It's about me and you, so where ya friends?
Come on girl, jump in the Benz
That's when's it's about to spark it up
Then I fill the dust of wind, blew my L out the window
Of course you know I was like mad as hell
Forget it, split it, I need to quit
Which one, these two I'm gonna get with

Chorus 4X:
Her name was Chica, Bo-Bonita
I love that girl even more than my reefer

Now I met this chick in a Lexus, where?
Sell it where the chip fly estimate
Windows 99 in a hairdress, but I can't wet this chick
Thinkin to myself I gotta get this chick
I'd be wrong if I let this chick, split
She ain't tryin to check me, probally a mellow to drive a SV
Surprisenly she said hi to me
Red light, caught us we flew to right
Stepped to my minute like I stepped to my mic
High contact, bought on the set
You know the light in the condo is long as hell
We had private talk, seein out of state place, so how New York
So I finally thought to move back, gotta the mind to walk
Gimme ya number ma, she did and I pulled off
Doin about 20 or bum, thinkin to myself, she gotta be Indian
Skin plissin in light, honey when the sun hit it
So I'mma see how she come wit it
Told me that night, she wanted to go out
Look like she live in a ginderbread house
Changed her mind, she wanted to stay in
8 outta 10, want to see the A.M
Lock on the door, hold on, took my coat, my hat, my shoes
Now I knew I was stayin
Got inside her livin room, look like a genie lamp
This crib is tough
Look at all the furniture, damn man
If I'm demon I hope nobody woke me up
Minds not a joke, I was time and broke
With a tight bottle of jack and some lime to toke
I got one question before my time out the boat
Do you drink, do you smoke, she turned and said nope
Oh my god, do you mind repeatin that?
She said nope

Chorus 4X

The next saturday I picked up Chica
You won't see me blazin reefer
Side of my world thrilled, girl and besides I really need ya
Cuz I'm Drama girl, ya Chica right
You know I wanna freak ya right
He ain't doin ya right, ain't doin ya right
I'll have ya slidin on the ice
And make a escapade, when the sex is made
Even thru the works of best of day, it's best we stay
Another day, that means more time for the foreplay
Now we both half payed, I got mami and you got papi papi
For the simple fact that I ain't gon let no more trees
Stop me, stop me

Now me and girlfriend we can build up the trade
Sweaty in the deli, to celebrate a hell of day
I'm lovin the way ya starvin
See the way shorty in the hall is harder than the Olive Garden
Meatball stain to my pants
All of the spaghetti like Lady & The Tramp
Sippin on the wine, and we intertwine
Told me she had somethin on her mind
See I don't to tell you but it goes like this
All the weed smoke showin up on the piss
But they government jar
Ooo, no money love, no money up
Hit the honey up for another cup
Now you want me to drink, you sexy chick
Aight pass me that pint of Hennacy

Chorus 4X

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