John Robinson - Yikes [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: John Robinson
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: ID 4 Winds

Tekst piosenki

(Intro announcer voice)
And now the nations of the worlds brought to you by

It's way too fly like the ecliptic is fun to see
Remind me of "hey you guys"— The Electric Company
Big Lil Sci, ID, Willabee
And silly me, Villainy, in this ill built soliloquy
Came through to do the do through the tube
To the groove and confuse your crew like rubik's cube
The metal mask, face mangled, purple cape
Found a way to smash the triangle through the circle shape
Faster than a team of apes microphone bandit
Taller than the solar system nine known planet
Enough to leave your mind blown ain't it?
Keep a open mind don't take things for granted
MCs seem to be slushed out
They must be still got the wool over their eyes like mush mouth
It's like a goldrush in the South for the truth
Beyond shadow of a doubt
Cut it out

[ID 4 Windz]
Ay yow who tapped me?
About to get real ill
And still kill two birds with one rock
My bad spill
Still coolin, chilli'n making papers
Acting stupid running capers
Acting like vis giving skeez the vapors
Now can I remember or was I really dead bent
When theis trick tried to get me for all shillings and pence
Oh yeah that makes me think about sly when he was alive
The first cat that took me to the country and before he moved out Wy
And I was a little guy hanging around older cats
With fat dookie ropes and fly Gucci hats
Fucking around with black shoe polish writing my name on the wall
My theme through like Slick Rick— Lick The Balls
And here I am with Dumile
The city psycho social single no more no less and less I say
Inspect Willi dash wigs out
And gets jiggy bling platinum and swigged out
On old Grandad, who me? Oh yeaah I'm buggin
Sorta like when my daughter's mother told me she had a bun in the oven
Ay yo don't even try to mess with me to the exit
Messin' around on the mic I'll leave the rhyme pregnant

Whenever we picking up mics it's like
Whenever we blowing up shows it's like
Whenever we taking control of our destiny
Taking hip-hop to next degree

[Lil Scienz]
Holy Smokes, you don't want to mess with these MCs cause
We've rhymin' ever since we had 'Peach Fuzz.'
For each of us it's been a ten year span now
Even back then I knew one day we'd lay this jam down
Smoother version of return of the boom bap
MF to the Scienz consider yourself DOOMED black
Acting mics like chrome piece
Styles stay fat like obese
Whether written or off the dome piece
Carbon copy MCs getting real sloppy ya'll
Won't even waste my time going back and forth like volleyball
Riding tracks like trolley cars
The last thing on my mind is selling my soul becoming a shiny star
Can't even consider it
A real tight cat I'll let a brother know if I ain't feeling it
Not even a little bit
Half these cats trying to pass ignorance for heaven sense
But we give them no pity ya'll
Scienz of Life, MF DOOM down to the titty bar
I said we give them no pity ya'll
Scienz to the MF on down to the titty bar

[ID 4 Windz]
The supersonic ex-feeling
Six million bionic
Twisted smirnoff ice
Sipping the liquid tonic
Pull the bubonic tag, the man hunt
Circle dot now you got it
Review my microphonics
Do the economics 4 Windz and God
For standoff burning tags with camfrost
The man's lost without a mic
Pop-a-stoppa a handoff
We ran raw
Over tracks
And banned all rappers that's wack
Scoop the saturn loop the drum track
Yo we live and direct transmitting text
Yo the pro prospect
VX verb made the first correct
In transmitting threaten your sound set system
Profound bliss
And like the sun solar
Joints are soft like Mozart
Performing arts director
Moves like the martyr connector
Reflection rays like Nine Ether the bomb piece
Complete vision
Medicate conniption off the rhythm
My wisdom, permission, admission cop the LP listen
4 Windz to all night
Living a brawl fight
Kicking drum beats, spits in my lung ribs
Chest expands thunderous
We runnin' red light stop lights
All night

[Inspector Willabee]
Ain't it funny when I get up in the morning and I
Jump in the shower scrub my body then I get out and dry
Throw on some clothes all of my oil then I tire my lot
Put on my shoes, put on my cap, and leave my door a lot
Walk down the block, go in the store and then I get me a drink
Walk over to the park I sit down on the bench and I think
Hadda a sun it shinin' on down all up on my face
A nice cool breeze is blowin', and I'm chillin' in space
I'm blowing through the hazy fog like I exhaled smoke
It's just a pretty nice day and I'm feelin' quite fine
Chillin' in my habitat and I'm subverse in in my mind
Then we get up off the streets and we hit up some stores
And get some incense and dashikis cause I'm goin' on tour
[?????] Egypt [?????]
So I could recitate my fans [??] my hook
So maybe the next time, maybe the next rhyme
Maybe the beat, or maybe the next line

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