John Vietnam - Can't Be Friends [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: John Vietnam
Album: Humble and Low Vol. 1
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: JVN

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Tekst piosenki

I remember being young and watchin nickoledon
Now you gotta learn to tell apart from your phony friends
But thats why i still chill with real crew
Understand what i speak cause i feel you

Remember four bags of chips were a dollar
Now we conscious of the monsters that put colors on our collars
Seperatin classes on economic status
Later we can wonder whose salary the fattest whats it matter?

Man that ain't how it supposed to be
I dont wanna live for the dream that they sold to me
I dont have many things but what i do i hold close to me
Im tryna cope so i can be the change i hope to see

But no cause hope is just an opiate
A concrete chrysanthemum has flowered in his loneliness
Yeah and he wonders where his homies is
Most of them are gone just in a song that he wrote for them

Remember when i didn't have to stress so much
Still blessed tho and i ain't tryna to press my luck
This the road of life im rollin loaded dice
Its how i cope inside keepin hope alive

Back then...

If the beat cry then these are pain verses
Everyday you walk outside a changed person/ ain't worth it
Livin conditions rippin apart driftin far from livin with God
Times a fickle thimble with which he fiddled with his scars

My life song this'd probably be the one
I keep it movin like progression of the drum till im done
And where im from i learned to walk real cautious
Often in a coffin have to count these losses

But we bounce back and this the sound of that
If this is all a dream then im feelin like insomiacs
Sometimes im lazy tho sometimes the days bleed
Then i realized that these people feel the same thing

Selling blow, had got my dude paid and
I still show love but today my homie locked away/
See the problem with perception is a lesson is subjective/
And the shadow of a second has potential to be treacherous


I pray that i dont lose my faith
Yeah we lost another friend today
Praise to the concrete a flower had bloomed
But the younger they come then the colder the tomb

I see reflections in the sediment
I bring bouquets to the grave my only sentiment
Your soul is somewhere in the ether
God is always strange to us and now you got the chance to meet Her

What are words worth to the earth's dirt
I wish you coulda listened to my first verse
Give some feedback i need that you did too
Ain't no chance for collaboration with you

I knew a man named Lazarus
If you could do what he could do im sure it would've flattered him
Time passes and im cursin at my wristwatch
So you get this i hope you still listen to hip-hop

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