J-Ro - 5am In Lusaka [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: J-Ro
Data wydania: 2014-02-24
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: J-Ro

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1:J Ro]
You underestimated greatly
Highly underrated thou high class is lately
LSK repper the city tiny as Tempah
But we do it big daily cause time is shorter than temper
Scroll through my agenda,whats the plan for the day
Gotta squeeze in all we got fore mamma calls up for dinner
Never by myself nless im goin to where we meeting
Or im creeping in the evening with a girl i met last weekend
If you know me then you know that i ain't weak n i can prove it
Make you sound like a joke the legs on your toes i pulls it
Spit nothing like bullets,cannonball is the best term
Not for days but for years like a first term
Is how it knocks you out missed a turn you passing out
Serves you right for talking with all that junk food in your mouth
I ain't the best I'm just better than the usual
Never dealt with squares high school no cubical
Bands a make her dance it don't matter if its musical
I'd rather save up n later pay for my medical
Cause i know im too sick,tell the doctor move quick
Puffing strong now my chest built like a few bricks
Tell me who you with,quality matter
If it ain't DFA sorry son i ain't father
I dont bother,why should i waste mine,time is what i mean
Am leaning ina polystyrene stream
Cup full of drink i leave your cap full of lead
That's a head shot elaborated shot to the head
Am talking trigger pull bullet through the brain that helped you think it through it
Very blessed with this music i should be included in your top 5 best local rappers
Amazed by the talent that im basking this summer
With my indian connec i know you can see us like a banner
Beats by david banner is what i wrote my raps to
Back in high school,n you'd think i was high too
But i was sober no luck from a clover
But some love from a glove that saved me all that baby drama
Infatuated mostly hated by the same sex
I dont regret it i just take it as a minor step
Grown in depth now im deeper with my word choice
We know the kids are the future they just need a voice
Am like their adams apple,atleast i try to be
If you ain't up for tha movement then you gotta beat
Probably,hotter than a soner be
Hotter than the sun will be when it touch down n the earth complete
I was born to be the best there is
I knew that when blue flame told me all those years
Back n now im back with a banger
I done got bigger got taller n got manners
I done switched my plan up,i look at what the future holds
At the same time at her past like future told
Yea!!ama tell my story ama get that glory
Yea!! all these bars ama need me a warden
Under aged girls underdressed cz u can see whats under her dress without peeking
You only live once their excuse its the weekend,i ain't just speaking
Club all night unaware the whereabouts of her phone
5am now they tryna make it home
So they head straight to the niggas that they came wit
They be like we dont even know what your name is
Stranded took things for granted,n now they granite
Can't move they rocks cause they timeless
Like this game yall should know what the time is
J Ro sonnin niggas n i ain't pamper shit

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