J.Tsunami - War Time (Remix) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: J.Tsunami
Data wydania: 2014-05-31
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Young Haz on Da Beat

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Tekst piosenki

J.Tsunami ft Lil Herb - War Time (Remix)



It ain't hard to find us man (squad)
Still out here by that gangway (gang)
NLMB 150 shit, RocBlock (L's, L's, L's)

If it's war they want then that's what they gon' get
I ain't playin' no games wit em'
Got a hundred-fifty niggas ridin wit me
J.Tsunami ain't ever gon have no lames wit em'
They all TTG we NLMB no game boy this shit is real
Fuck CPD, gotta keep it on me at all times cuz i'm in the field

Gettin' money is my obligation (yup)
Finessin' tracks that's an occupation(yup)
Thirty shot extendo' turn em opps to patients(boah)
That's obituaries, that's some doctor statements(boah boah)
Know a couple niggas that's down to ride for a 187(ha)
That's a homicide(bang)
Run up on a nigga with the llamas flyin(bang)
Put em' in the dirt like (?)(grrah)

Lakeside full of fake guys
Man them niggas sweet, straight cake pies(straight pussies)
This a give n' take type of situation
Give us any problems and we takin lives(they took)
Shots feelin some thunder when they hit a nigga
KD, Tre Five(bah)
N' we don't really give a fuck(bah)
We doin hits in the middle of the daytime(bah)
NLMB,(squad) EBK,(gang) 150 like 6 quarters(150)
Catch a nigga in the hallway and execute his ass
Like he Miss Porter(gillionare)
It's No Limit,(L's) No Stackin(L's)
LSK, no lackin(nah)
Nigga teamin know a black mobbin,(nah)
Don't manside want no action(hell nah)
They don't wanna see us
Bitch we da' real L's and ya'll wanna be us
Snatch a nigga soul out, send it up to jesus(amen)
In the jungle we the lions and they just cheetahs
How they gon be us?(how they gon do it)
And my team on point
Fuck wit' us n' get smoked no joint
Got the red dot for a headshot(shootin a opp)
Notha' dead opp
You ain't shootin to kill? Then there ain't no point

(J.Tsunami over Hook):
And ain't non of these fu ass new niggas either man
Im proud it just gon be wit you niggas
Bro say Welcome To Fazoland comin sooner than yall think
L's sqaud

(Lil Herb):
Way before dis rap shit, money, and the nice clothes
Was cockroaches in apartments with Lysol(yah dat)
The smell in them hallways that ain't Lysol(damn)
But young boys might not have no mics on(nah)
But they post up all night with the pipes on(got it)
40 in the choppa knock his fuckin top off(we got it)
Better hit the ground when my niggas pop off(skrrrt)
They gon' fire rounds when my niggas pop off(boooh)
My niggas my niggas n they ain't nothin like yall'
Free (?), Steve J, don't think I forgot yall'(L's)
All the time yall' been gone, man I took right off(Nuuuume)
None of these new niggas, don't know nuttin' 'bout yall'(squad)
R.I.P to Rilla, ain't nuttin' without yall'(squad)
Man I can smell the (?) when you steppin my home
Fake niggas talk back, there's somethin bout yall'
Kill err nigga, got a different crowd yall'
Gots amigos,(plugs) when I call them they bring lots of kilos(drugs)
And a profits em to all my peoples(thugs)
They'll try to rob you cuz they all the lethal, hollows leave you see through(bah BAH)
I don't know you five, you don't know me neither(ion know you)
On the broski fire, my brother's heater(ion know you)
It's two different bands, I can't spare a nina(nah)
Four four in the jam, I can hear my freedom(snitch)
When I use to be in jams it was heavy breathin(yup)
Yah I'm used to be in jams, I just smoke n' drink it(shit)
Off the lean man, yah I'm really tweakin'(gone)
Cut the scene witcho bitch, yah whachu seen then?(bitch)
Got down on her knees, she gon start dreamin'(squad)
You tell her you love her and you really mean it(squad)
I don't give her nothin but I've never seen it(wha?)
N' this mac spit hell wit a hollow beam eh?(gang)


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