Kamoshun - Dreamer [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Kamoshun
Data wydania: 0007-02-15
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Kamoshun]
Don’t let nobody take your dreams away from you
Sometimes that’s all you have
See the things about this world is that we live in reality
So, I mean, where would we be if it wasn't for the people who had dreams?
Just remember that

[Hook: Kamoshun]
I ain't nothing but a dreamer
Living in a world full of hate and full of pain
I ain't nothing but a dreamer
Thinking that love can solve everything
Makes you nothing but a dreamer
Never would've made it in this world that's for sure
If I couldn’t be a dreamer
So go ahead and be a dreamer

[Verse 1: Kamoshun]
Love on money, sex on diamonds, feelings on pause and the rest on private
Something like my Facebook, I’m trying to just forget how your face look
Dead in the coffin, plenty of shrugs
Yes the many I wouldn’t show any love
And my time for them I wouldn’t give any up
And a second chance I won’t give any of
Many of y’all, have disappointed me
And now you can’t be around for what it’s going to be
And when it comes to them girls who have broke my heart
I should’ve noticed all the warnings right before the start
Me and my mom distant, I hate the way apart
And I don’t know my dad, that’s always on my heart
No brothers no sisters no cousins either
I’m just looking to the sky…


[Verse 2: Kamoshun]
I guess I just had to walk a solo road
But I be feeling so bad because I’m so alone
And I might be talking, even though I’m speechless
You crush my heart and still I love you with the broken pieces
To my bro Magic, I gotta pay my homage
Because we been through them days, and now we making plays
And building CMG so one day we’ll be getting paid
And we gon’ make this dream reality, that’s the promise
So remember kid, always be you
Check your choices never let no one deceive you
Do for you only do it if it’s gon’ please you
And live your dream little brother I want to see you
Accomplish this, I promise this, from now on I’m making moves not promises
It takes a real man for this kind of shit, got me on some (?) shit because…


[Verse 3: Kamoshun]
Over here sipping on some wine and shit
Who would have known that I could make it off this rhyming shit?
I guess you can say that I’m feeling better
Because the fact is pain makes happiness even better
Like when it’s been raining for three days
Then the sun comes out you see them good rays
You appreciate the sky because you haven’t seen it
And now it’s easier to see now, you know the feeling?
I need it because I’ve lost the ones close to me
It’s not how I want it, but I guess it’s how it’s supposed to be
I got a faith no man could break
I got a swag no man could fake
Got a persona only God could make
And if he didn’t see me in the moment I got the tape
I spit it like you all should know
And wait for the applause and go

[Hook x2]

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