Keenan, the Koolest - Amen [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Keenan, the Koolest
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Jahlil Beats, KeY Wane

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Tekst piosenki

[Meek Mill]
I Just Wanna Thank God
For All The Pretty Women He Let Into My Life
All The Benjamins You Let Me Count
Wealth and Health
For My Family and Lettin' Me Ball On These Niggas

[Hook: Meek Mill]
Now There's A Lot of Bad Bitches In The Building (Amen)
A Couple Real Niggas In The Building (Amen)
I'm Finna Kill Niggas In The Building (Amen)
I Tell The Waiter Fifty Bottles and She Tell Me Say When
And I Say Church (Preach)
We Make It Light Up Like a Church (Preach)
Do Liv On Sunday Like a Church (Preach)

[Verse 1]
I Said Hello Nigga, Howdy !
Heard You Niggas Talking 'Bout Me, but Its All Good In The End
I Ain't Looking For No Friends
I'm Just Ballin' For The Money and Yo Money Looking Funny
There's A Lot That I Could Say
Nigga, Ain't No Holding Back
Ladies Used To Brush Me Off, but Now They Begging For Me Back
Baby Girl Its Way Too Late
Might As Well Just Face The Facts
I'm Just Preachin' My Dilemma
With The Ambition of Winners
Eat These Rappers Flows For Dinner
I'm a Natural Born Sinner
When It Comes To Stacking Paper
Guess Yo Bank Account Is Thinner
I'm Changing Up The Game With My Style, Its So Correct
My Lyrics Rip Through Flesh and Might Just Break Somebody Neck
I'm Too Trill With What I Do
We Too Deep, Check Out My Crew
Motivated To Be Strong For My Family and My Stunning Youth
My Girl and My Team With My Dollar and My Dream
Thought I Was Down For The Count, but The Truth Set Me Free
Just Let Me Be Me, Yes Indeed !


[Verse 2]
Bitch Nigga, Snitch Nigga
Get No Respect
I'm The Type To Slap a Nigga Off Reflex
Niggas Tweeting Fake Shit, Then Delete That
NLV, Yes Nigga My Team Back
Money Is The Motive and This Beat Is So Explosive
Running Trains On Yo Chick, Call It Locomotive
Niggas Want Beef? Well, Show Me My Opponent
Realest Nigga Out
Guess You Can Say I'm On It
Hop Up Out The Bed
Turn My 'Mf*** Swag On
Girls On My Jock Cause They Notice That I'm Back On
So Far Gone, I Can't Even Get a Ride Home
I'm Ridin' Round and I'm Gettin' It
DFW, We Gettin' It
Better Yet, We Killin' It
Dark Shades and Snapbacks
Skinny Jeans and My Knapsack
Young Nigga With Hella Swag
Lords Know My Pain
I'm Praying For The Moment
While You Niggas Go Insane, My Flows Just Keep On Flowin'
Ahh Yeah!


Forgive Me For My Cursin'
I'm Just Tired of Seeing Hearses
Even Though I'm Spittin' Bars, I Call 'Em Murder Verses
Just Let My People Live
My Soul, I'll Never Give
Zero Fucks Is What I Will
So Haters Keep On Hatin' While I'm Finally Gettin' Famous
I Finally Got My Chance, It Just Took a Little Patience
My Life Is So Promoted By These Summer Night Vacations
I Roll a Little Something, but Thats Only On Occasions
I Hope You Niggas Feel This Cause My Talent Never Wasted
I'm Coming For The Throne, Its So Close That I Can Taste It


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