Kevo da Kid - On God Remix [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Kevo da Kid
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

You know I gotta get it
Trying to eat
Fast money sound delicous
Before I lay me down I and sleep
I pray this guap don´t stop for me
Because if not I´m finna fade away
And bro I put that on god
Oh god oh God
I Put that on god
I Put that on God
Oh God Oh God
Nola I put that on god

[Verse 1: Kevo Da Kid]
Look hey bro I put this shit on god
I preach the truth and my shit in my shit, like I could teach a deacon my job damn You cold
I know but my focus now is my guap
Since my moma, popa and team
These niggas gotta survive fuck these hoes
Your right
We gotta get to it
Hell yeah we go through money
That cause to get it we gotta go through it
Hell yeah I gotta knock out a verse
Take a beat then beat that till it´s useless
Bring that heat, no air to defuse it
Hell nah hell yeah I own this
Damn they got my sis behind some bullshit
Say you chill because you pay this price
Ash ring around your neck
If I'm on you 'bout some money, you fin to lookin' stupid, cause before my fam goes hungry, I'ma put your family through it


[Verse 2: Ab-Soul]
Yeah Soulo but I ain't come by myself let me explain
If you hate for heavens sake go to hell
Pastor herb pass the herb you know I need it
Yes I do blew through a hundred racks last year
I ain't know what to do but now I get like 8 or so
Ain´t never been on radio (soulo)
Chilling with a vixen that you probably seen before
My life is like a movie you bet you´ve seen this scene before
Across between menace to society the end of da vinci code
Oh god! Praise to the most high
Life´s sweet but I´m smoking [?]
Check your rollie the game is [?]
Oh God don´t get your whole crew crucified
Kevos the kid and I´m Jesus Christ with a Mic
Nigga get it right


[Verse 3:]
Never saw me? You ain´t seen fire
Get in the both
I´m finna wreck it like a teen driving
Reach higher, you tip-toeing on a string wire
Same a tire so why is it that i seem flyest
Hes a lier, I ain´t messing with me i´m molesting the beat
Take a second or three to pressure release cause your next for defeat
Wow, ain´t none of yáll stopping me at the ground for a pot to pee
Took a lot from me
Came from the bottom ain´t no pornography
Follow me worked this so hard and so well
City to city in different hotels
Stated my lane and i stayed in my trail
My haters I know them so well, swell
It makes you want to smack you lips
And master the action flick
Your bashfulness tells me that your mad and pissed,sad and sick
Sometimes i bragg abit
Never about the cash or whips
I just back the baddest chick
Only on a scale to 50
She´s a 49ner, Caepernick
Jordan maroon 5´s and so jaggerish


[Verse 4: Los]
King, now I lay me down and... what the fuck?
I gotta hit the pot, to get the powder to the block
To get a dollar mama so you know a hustler up
All times of the night got dope book filled with long lines of the white
All crimes on the mic courtesy of hard times in my life
Like killing these niggas and not giving a fuck
So play your position cause in addition to dishin I´m digging ditches for bitches
And you can get it straight up
Fuck around and get ate up, wait up
Get your weight up, how much you weigh when you was weighed up
I hit the bench, put the weight up, you on the bench...
Hmm that just means they told you wait up
It´s pay up time
The Playoff is feeling like layup lines
Niggas be saying the made up lines, they got mac11´s and 8 D9´s
They had 90 bricks since like 89
Yeah nigga whatever, no nigga is near me
Neither nigga is better like episode of Martin I end niggas forever, King!


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