King Critical - Best Of Brooklyn Cypher 2014 Verse [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: King Critical
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: King Critical]

Left Arrow backslash kill em right arrow
Yeah that's embedded I'm headed for yo marrow
I'm picking your bones thug for fucking up my harmony
Bodies get folded up if these niggas don't honor me
You ought to be in a different sport cause in this court you'll get your arteries
Torched and of course that'll be the cost if you bother me
See my only option is killing em
When in a black hood in a black hood full of Zimmermans
Fuck simmering I'm Yosemite with the synonyms
Sit em in everybody's body that's why they listening
Smack the baby and everybody that's at the christening
Notorious C.R.I.T fucking the game til' my dick is in.. the dirt
But a nigga put in work
Can't tell if I'm kicking ass or if I'm kicking a... Verse
Swear you niggas is trash one word for y'all ... Hurst
If there was a fountain of rap you nigga a died of... thirst
Safe to say I'm back again leaving your abdomen like you had spoil milk by accident
Loyal built till the soil spill on our backs again
Consider this rare but use that shit as acronym
Cause real and raw excellence that's the message I'm passing em
Get the message my message leave messes when attacking em
Flow is so precious but yet so precious when I put passion In
When asked for the best they send da god but I ain't African
I was taught batter up or be cake batter and
I'm way pass code like computers that they be hacking in
I guess I'm the elf of this rap I see
Cause its niggas with no presence tryna rap like me
And where I'm from it ain't no black eyed peas
Just blacks in black black eyes and black eyed peas
But i studied got good at showing my mental with a pencil
So the raps Get more woooo's then a ric flair tribute nigga
The shit I wrote be the shit you wrote with a stencil
I paint the thickest coats you need a coat to get in to
I'm too cold yo 10 jabs won't equal to these two blows
Raps full with cracks like the diapers on a sumo
Tell the ref blow the whistle these rappers coming up too short
Come up too close and get the treatment of a Newport
Niggas is glucose all sugar in you writers
They see the best of Brooklyn now everybody do Cyphers
You could cypher if you want you get cyphered like a blunt
Time to pay the piper you peppers bite us you pickled chumps
A never see me if you put pcp in the punch
But it's pcp in the punchlines tryna punk mines
Treat you rappers like you wrappers now its crunch time
Cause I'm the pro of this era can't compare these eyes
They peep the steez cj's and swear he fly
R.I.P STEEZ couldn't sleep when had to hear he died
Once the care leaves i'ma Achilles i'ma kill these guys
I'm so serious
It ain't even a spec a man in yo specimen
You'll see L's before everything like a Mexican
Bar for bar ain't no rapper next to him
They destined to be equal like wheelchair pedestrians
Mogul club we the ones you should've invested in
The beasts of this coast but we ain't in the same set as them
That ain't no diss I got nothing but respect for them
But honestly if you want honesty we the best of them
Last year I said I was a charger so you better dodge
This year I'm saying I'm your father I got better bars

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