King Zo - Dragon [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: King Zo
Data wydania: 2014-05-17
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: King Zo]
We done did it again muh fucker
This beat a dragon I cut it's fuckin head off for fun
I swear cause all these niggas talkin bout is braggin' and guns
I miss the days of the old, but I ain't traveling through time waves yet
And this ain't bold this me givin y'all the best of the best
With every verse I infect, this youngin' sick and so he gotta perfect
Simply a must to protect the heritage of when the real was the best
Cause nowadays all you hearing is subliminal stress
But I contest with it
Think I see the test within it
Can't you see I'm just beginning
I don took my share of L's
Bitch that's why I'm always grinin', real niggas ain't always winnin'
Micheal Jordan tell you that
Lyrics like the rock I know you hatin' niggas smellin' that
Is it just this Cali pack? Type to stay with endless dro
Professional in frame of mind that's how I know I'm finna blow...
Wanna a punch line I might fuck with y'all one time
I might just leave y'all thirsty bitches wet just like the punch line
And that was just in one try don't give me a second chance
I might have to prove it through my cypher that you not the man
Choppa rippin' out of hand? That don't mean you rappin doe
Just like cause you got bars on the mic don't mean you trappin' yo
People need to keep it real the fuck is all this acting for
All my niggas hella trill they'll show you what that clappin' for
I could play that dirty roll, but What you think my lyrics flow?
The only thing I'm doing in the streets is re-in' up my dro

[Verse 2: King-D Tha Problem]
KGMG, Problem
This beat a Dragon, open your mouth, it's off with your tongue
Getting tired of rappers rappin, bout ish they ain't done
Sayin' that they about it then be the first one to run
Sayin' they got them hands then be the first with a gun
Claimin' that they from the streets and that they in a gang
Statin' that they move that dope and they all down to bang
I'm sick off all the acting bruh, you dudes is lame
We all know you ain't really livin' the life you claim
Uhh I swear that y'all phonies
Oscar Meyer rappers everything they spits bologna
I am not your niggie, your friend or even your homie
I wanna stay by the real so I just stay by my lonely
I ain't got no time for actors believe me I never did
Why you portrayin' a person you never been
I swear that realness is all that I represent
I'm done paying attention to dudes that I'm better than
Yeah But the question of this era is
Who is really is who they say they is
Cause it seems that everyone pretends
Except a handful of people and kudos to them
Look I swear that I commend y'all
Unlike all of you other rappers, boy I been raw
I speak the truth and yall boys faker than Ken dolls
My casual tracks harder then any diss that you've sent off
See you the bench warm when it's time to ball
But talk like you start. I need Tylenol
Cause y'all given me headaches I swear I'm tired of yall
It's King-D and King Zo, bruh we signing off

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