K-Koke - Fire in the Booth [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: K-Koke
Data wydania: 2010-05-18
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

Check my lifestyle
This little white child
Growing up hood, forced to live his life wild
Yeah I might smile on occasion
But look into my eyes and see the fire blazing
My heart is aching, life got me stressed fam
Been through enough still these yutes tryna test man
Yes dan I'll squeeze if it's necessary
Please believe rude boy I'm forever ready
My head is heavy got too much thoughts
Overloading my brain still I do not talk
From young I felt pain life's not what I thought
See life's not a game gotta watch how I walk
And watch how I talk and who I talk to
Cah man you grew up wid'll have you in the court room
Cah friend turn to fakes fakes turn to snakes then the snakes hate and start talkin to the jakes
Life ain't a game life ain't the same
Fuck it I'm a ride till I got shots up in my frame
I'm shottin in the rain
Hustlin my name, can't tell me bout the struggle cause I been through the pain
Yeah my life's real, fuck what you feel
My Stonebridge man bang bang till your killed
It's true known facts we do hold straps
And will let it pop off if you wanna chat
And dats dat
If a act flash
Then I make a man run when I'm cockin back mash
Cock it back flash
Watch his blood splash
If it's that then it's that - Koke's taking man's cash
I ain't perfect
I'm lookin in the mirror at myself like Koke it ain't workin
I'm still hurtin
See the pain in my eyes
No lie the fires still burnin
The worlds still turnin
It's still fucked up still beef still gotta keep a gun tucked
I feel cursed still nutten but bad luck
They want me in a box carried by a black truck
So I carry cuzzy I ain't tryna act tough
I ain't proud even talkin bout this strap stuff
I'm tryna get away troubles tryna catch up
Every where I go clowns wanna hear the strap bust
I seen life from a different vibe
Pissy stairways, crack houses and homicides
So try me fam I'm gonna ride
I fry beef not a chief never gonna hide
This street life's got these old peeps horrified
Cause young Gs couldn't care if tomorrow dies
I've seen hell through my mothers eyes
Ain't nutten worse than when you see your mother cry
Wishes it was different wish we had another life
Mum you done your best please don't apologise
Yeah stop looking with those worried eyes
We're gonna make it we have to I promised Kai
For my princess

The first day I met my ho
Never felt better bro
Made my dick hard in the park is where I let her blow
I let her know shes the one that I love
I got her on the roads by my side in the clubs
It's love and I knew it from the start
I never feel safe when me and hers apart like
Rah she really got me sprung
She got me cooking beef and you know she's having some
My mum don't like her she can't stay in my drum
If I was without her my life would be done
Plus she helps me eat when I'm in need of some funds
Shes the main reason I'm the G I've become
She goes hood to hood shes well known in the slums
I love her and I need her so I squeeze her for fun
You know it cuts me deep
Whenever she is gone
You need a girl like mine if you live where I'm from
I like the strong hoes pretty with a long nose
She gets gritty always with me when I'm on road
So I like to spoil her
Rub her down and oil her
She don't fuck with punks cause they seem to avoid her
Shes thuggish she only fucks with thugs
She don't want my DNA so when we fuck I wear my gloves
Like trust
Shes mine and I'm proud
I got the type of girl who'll have your head up in the clouds
I love it when we bang bang
I make her scream loud
She goes round after round she makes sound after sound
I could beat her standing up or lying on the ground
There's always excitement whenever she's around
For her I'm a fiend if you know what I mean
Before we hit the roads she likes to go in my jeans
She likes to roll with the team
Pretty little thing that make you roll for the cream
Look, Look
So check this when she's gone I get restless
Cause I need her and I want a new necklace
And she gets me what I want no exceptions

You pricks are pissing in the wind if you think I'm gonna back down
I'd rather grab my pistol and bang out
I'm official with the pistol man down
Thirty goons came to bridge and ran out
I had to tell my youngers stand down
These pricks didn't bring sticks they brought planks out
How you gonna bring wood to a gun fight
And get run up out the hood dumb guys
Internet murderers with no burner
My younger slap the ting like Ike Turner
Don't you know we eat beef like a nice burger
Big Mac with extra cheese will get your lights turned out
So it's best you turn your life around
Or end up with your guys in the ground
I'm fed up with this messing about
It's about time we brought this weaponry down

I really struggle you don't know fam
See a young face with the eyes of a old man
To try and stay alive is the program
We probably won't survive in this life if we don't bang
Got nothing but love for my whole gang
Please release my thugs from that coke can
We'd probably all be broke if don't slang
That's why I'm shotting coke on the roads fam
F the jokes no jokes you don't know man
Provoke man hold slugs and we hold man
F swords we bang guns this ain't Konan
But in jail get a knife in your throat fam
We all bleed that's the slogan
Slugs will tear through your vest like Hogan
I'm not impressed I'm depressed cause I hold grams
So I slow dance with my gun to some slow jam
Yeah get it in
Bag grams and start pebbling peddle it
Rob man for the grands and a box of sniff
The Glock bangs if a man tries to touch my shit
What fam don't you know who your fucking with
Swag got me OT got you bitch sucking dick
Money got them looking funny and I'm fucking loving it
Fuck looking bummy these man are on some other shit
These man are tryna cover it
Ain't saying that I'm rich cause I'm not but I hustle kid
Slow dough is better than no dough believe that
Solo run up in his home bro and eat stacks
I need that I got a princess to feed fam
So when my doughs low we run up on the weed man
I pull my gun for the p's fam
Get it anyway all day in the streets DAMN

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