Koncept313 - Ready For War (Remix) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Koncept313
Data wydania: 2015-03-05
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: John Beats

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Tekst piosenki

[Introduction/Hook: Koncept313]
I'm ready for war, bitch, I'm ready for war
(Remix!) (Ba-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa)
I'm ready for war, bitch, I'm ready for war
(It's the remix!)
I'm ready for war, bitch, I'm ready for war. (Ready for war!) (Ba-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa)
I'm ready for war, bitch, I'm ready for war. (Ba-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa)
Bitch, I be ready for war (Remix!)
Bitches, I'm ready for war
(It's the remix!)
Bitches, I'm ready for war
Bitches and bitches I'm ready for war, oh (Damn)

[Verse 1: Koncept313]
Dog it's the remix I hope y'all would know
The Game Changer II really changed up my flow
Go colder than rappers that're frozen in snow
More addicting than blow and I'm forever zoned
Show the king to his throne, throne
Bitch I be doing my own, my own
Man I cock back, load that, gat, I'm popping off skulls, hah!
Gary and Dub always fucking some hoes
They're dicking your girl down inside of your home
Dog you don't know, don't you won't know
Cause your girl stays war ready strapped up with your fucking phone!
They cock back, mask on, your body on the black top
In car, mask off, not afraid to drop some shots!
Dog I'm killing the flows that I do
Screaming "Fuck all the hoes that're with you!" (Yup!)
You cannot do the shit that I will do (Nope!)
Flow's so hot that I burn the mic like it's a jew, oh!
(Haha, we had to do it big for the remix, you know? So, uh, without further... adieu, you're going to hear from my boys, Dub... and Gary)


[Verse 2: Dub-187]
Kevlar vest on, weapon in my hand
With a full-clip bitch, I'm ready for war
With the red beam on the fifteen
I ain't missing cause you know I hold the gun steady for sure
My squad's a bunch of straight goons I ain't playing
When I say we'll come through and kick in your door
Put a strap to everybody in that bitch and start shooting 'em if they don't get on the floor
I ain't playing man, I'm just saying man
I'm ARing, and AKing man
You praying then I'm spraying then I dip, cause I ain't staying fam
I ain't trying to have no shoot out with cops, that's how you fuck around and die
Cause the way I see it in my opinion there's no way to get out alive
I'll merk myself before I let a pig kill me I ain't going to prison for life
So when you hear the bullets stop blasting I'm dead or the only one alive
But I won't go out without a bang I've got one last trick up my sleeve
Hook ten bricks of C4 to a heart-monitor so it'll blow if I don't breathe
And I'm going to hell for this shit, I know the devil's got my bed made
But until I got and pay his a-ass a visit you can bet your ass I stay paid
From selling guns from selling drugs 'til I blow up like a grenade
The number one rule if you live by it: You're going to die by gun or the blade


[Verse 3: Gary Lazer Eyes]
Gone are the days when I could get peaceful
I’m trying to get wicked I’m trying to get evil
With Koncept and Dub we’re fisting gold Deagles
Committing war crimes that shit is illegal!
Nefarious tyrants the game be our people
I’m sick of our subjects they're acting so fickle
My vision is turning red hammer and sickle
Like Stalin and Mao I call that a pickle
Like the ball's in the court of two evil people
Add me, Koncept, Dub and now shit’s a triple
Didn't like the old shit so I thought to bring it back
Yes I like the new shit I’m seeing why you’re hatin that
Bring it all the way back to the hat w the rap trap
To the gat where ya at with the bitch raps?
In the trap make a motherfucker flap with the combat
Where me and my bloodthirsty comrades are at, yugh!

[Outro: Gary Lazer Eyes]
We’re ready for war, we’re born ready for war
Bastards, morning stars, and a claymore
We’re ready for war, we've been training for war
To hell with a gun, rhythm and rhyming do more

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