Koppo - Capable [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Koppo
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Koppo]
This is what it is my lifes a bitch in other eyes
People judge me, but they never seen the struggle through my eyes
I sit and wonder, "Maybe things will be better, If I was gone"
My mother's face comes to my mind I know I can't leave her alone
As if the dro it fills my head with the depression, it's hard to cry
Of the fact, since I was nine, I been seeing my people die
Become the victim of a drug habit or a 45
Plus crooked cops and homies make it hard to survive
I can't stand being broke I try to cope, with selling work
To get caught up, spend money on bars, somebody tell me what it's worth
The other half goes to lawyer, so he could go to court and lie
I just wanna make a dollar I don't brag about selling pies
My OGs taught me, never let nobody know what you got
And if it ain't for the good ain't no need to touch in the block
Now will I die a man, or a stressed out bum
Flashing my gun, afraid to laugh at a son

[Hook: TG]
Only if they knew, what a nigga capable to do
I done lost my mind but a nigga talking we ain't hard to find
Mothafuck the laws, aggravate a nigga worst enough
So fuck the Fo'
And shit only gets worst I wonder If I'm gonna be the next one in the herse
But I doubt that there, give them boys a fair warning be aware

[Verse 2: TG]
Day after another, it's a never ending struggle
Even though I'm doing much better, from when I ran up in the gutter
In the ghetto it's a never ending cycle
Niggas losing it night and day, that's what the crazy living life do
I'm relaxing, but alot of niggas looking at me funny
Bitch, I'm just like you understand, my mind is on my money
Instead of hating, you should be concentrated on getting your shit straight
Pussy niggas breaking windows, now we could talk about bitch-made
Instead of beating my face, you catch my car slipping
Bitch, now close your eyes and picture me flipping
A real gangsta ass nigga respects the people, and checks himself when he thinking wrong
Nigga all I do is accept myself and I pray to God
Ask for forgiveness, he knows it's hard
I really don't wanna murder nobody, but fuck a murder charge
I'll leave them niggas in the dirt if they fuck around
Them niggas know that Trinity Garden be quick to buck em' down
They love my sound, nigga play it on your stereo
Nigga, now liten while we blowing on this hairy dro


[Verse 3: Koppo]
I'm missing my little brother I just want to see him free
It brings me down to read his letters, God please help my brother to keep his piece
My heart is full of misery I have difficulty breathing
It all started when we had to bury my dawgs Adam and Steven
Now I'm forever angry how the world got me
Try your hardest, but you will never be that real about me
Or in the way you do my people in the same way
That F-A-M-F-T-L ain't what the game play
I've lost myself by taking handle bars and ecstasy
I've walked alone and talked as if my dawg was next to me
I know I'm not living right, cause there's always something wrong
Stress got me taking hits of Hennessy to the dome
I try but everytime I do I have a tendecy to fail
I go to court tomorrow will I be free or in a cell
Momma said "With God by your side no one can touch you"
I guess that's why these haters falling, evertime they rush us

[Hook: TG]
Only if they knew, what a nigga capable to do
I done lost my mind, but a nigga talking we ain't hard to find
Mothafuck the laws, aggrivate a nigga worst enough
So fuck the Fo', and shit only gets worst

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