Lateef the Truthspeaker - The Wreckoning [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Lateef the Truthspeaker
Album: Solesides Greatest Bumps
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: DJ Shadow

Tekst piosenki

Look bitch
You know I'm comin' tight
So you can switch them hips from left to right
All night and won't nobody give a shit
If you were sittin'
I might ask you to stand so you can take a load
Off your mind
Cause the lyrics you kicked were so butt, your brain
It must be synonymous
With your behind in the time and you know your rhymin'
Sucked black
That's why I still can't figure out why the fuck
He was all on my nut sac
He was droolin' on the tool and who are you foolin'
Tryin' to act so cool and
When it comes to the duelin'
Pull up a stool and we can begin the schoolin'
Ooohin and Ahhhin
Really don't matter as long as the rapper
They know who's shit is phatter
And who should be beggin' the pardon
For the disaster as I blast you into
Anti-matter make you scream out uncle
As I punk you with the funk
Watch you buckle like a punk will
Another chump killed
As I chuckle pumpin' steel through the steel
So that I can steal the show
The bunk had no appeal
Meaning that I don't feel the whack
EVEN when you be feeling that
No matter how slow you go
You still got no-THING to say
When skills are softer than clay matter
C'mon man, that ain't where the cash is
You musta thought that pretty ass shit was gon' make
Some dough on the strength of those promo pictures
Blow me down
I gets down
That even if we go just one more round
And I'm from the 'O'
Challenging you in your own goddam town
And I know the homies gon' clown
When they hear the profound thoughts and
Experiences applied from my strife to the
End of your life on this mic
The years run off by the hour
The aspirations FLEE with the YEARS
As they get devoured with time
Eventually you will age and collapse
What good are your raps if your
Synapses can't fire
The rapid rhymin' and tactics
That I can flash with
Automatically blastin' back and
Cappin' and laughin' at all of this whack
Material that you brought
Devoid of substance lacking
Action between word and thought and
Perhaps it's best for e'rybody
If we just cut short

You itch you lust
Your breath is taken
When you awaken
In the state of the shock
Thoughts of ex-communication
And the implications of that situation
Racin' through your floggin' stopped up
Noggin' as you're massagin'
You're jarred
What's that you saw
You try rememberin' but it's foggier than
Fisherman's wharf
At six in the mornin'
Through the gloom of dawn
Your doom is doomin' like the
Moon you know when you'll be due
And you'll die and soon

And when you die
Your heart stops
For three or four minutes
Digesting the curse for the next 24 hours
Give or take a smidgen
Blood remains viable for several hours and
Settles down once the body's downside is
Darker and you will mottle
The grip of rigor mortise clenches it's fist
And two to six hours
Two to three days later by this time
The stomach is bloated with gaseous
Fumes consumin' will blow shit up fo' sho'
Oh by the way
The flesh decomposes fast
Veins and skin turn
Blue, purple, green and black
Nose and softer tissue turns to a
Jelly consistency thicker than Jell-O
Cornea of the eyes are no longer clear
Sickly jaundiced yellow
When you see and it softens
Eyes they melt in their sockets
Watch the skin pull away
From the gum-line leavin' no lips
So what's left and
A wicked grin
Bacteria thrive nightcrawlers fill
No morrow only hunger
Maggots arrived and now's devourin'
Decayed and sourin'
But hey
Really though
Why even trip
It ain't
Only the physical in which
Your consciousness exists
And in the end
Forensic details are about as important
As the gear your sportin'
So why even resist
Ya trick
You should desist and listen
To the mix your missin'
With the kicks that's hittin'
In the midst of the mist
Into which your slippin'
The lights start to dim
And the lesson of infection
You're witnessin' is the wreckoning

Winded old and you'll POP
You cease to exist
Terror in your eyes
And a smile on your lips
When you hear the remix
You cease to exist
Terror in your eyes
And a smile on your lips
When your heart lights up
You cease to exist
Terror in your eyes
And a smile on your lips
When you hear the lyrics
You cease to exist
Terror in your eyes
And a smile on your lips

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