Latyrx - Burning Hot in Cali on a Saturday Night [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Latyrx
Gatunek: Pop

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Tekst piosenki

(feat. The Gift Of Gab)

I just
Jump outta bed and make my way to the sprinkler
Let the water wash over my soul from thinker to toe
Take a leak and then I lean over the sink brushing the teeth
And now I'm in full swing of the morning ritual
Mumbling the whole rhyme and re-rehearsing my lines
Hummin' tunes on solo so the voice is prime and ready
Steady as a photo through the course of time
Then I pick out a fit of the proper design
I'm dipped fresh like pine yall
That's just in case I get any vaginal
Action in the place
Gotta be sure that the homies get a taste of the flavor
I double check and make sure the family got the date
The where, when, and how, everthing checked out
Super-tight within the SoleSides circle of power
But now, where the fuck is X?
He's supposed ta had been here an hour ago
Shit, no trip, I kick a dope freestyle though
Take a moment out and give praise and thanks
And I'm thinking 'bout how the Quannum gone have the shit crankin'
In a minute no gimmicks, just hyped from the start to finish
Wonderous night, beats thunderous, us lightin' up

[1st Chorus: Lateef and The Gift Of Gab]
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah hella times

[The Gift Of Gab:]
I went to sleep last night watching showtime at the Apollo
Like a youngun on the night before Xmas watching the stockings
Go 'round in a dingling and dance over their heads
Although it wasn't Xmas stockings it was microphones instead
Above my headrest
Woke up ate my breakfast, checked off my checklist, called Jeff
Just to quest if the guest list was just as requested, yes it was ex-cellent, definately we'll bless this
Venue tonight allright, I gotta get hyped, midnight is when we go on...
Go through my lines a couple of times
Just to make sure they're sounding tight
Had some clothes to wash, I threw 'um in the washing cycle
Blew my nose and flossed and brushed
Jumped in the shower, jumped out to get dressed
I'm on some NFL sike shit, they'll bear witness
I'm leaving sound check a mess at six, I give a call to X
"man let's get to rounding up the caravan."
It's a gonna be another one of those nights, the horn
Is blowin Lyrics Born and Lateef are already in the car with Chief
And we about to strike tonight, shine like litebrights
Quite the hype type, Quannum is that abominable shit you like
Your listening pleasure
I hope they treasure
The endeavor
Like something they never
Saw or will ever
See together
That was so clever and write me letters
Sayin' their head hurts
From the pressure
On their mental, although they felt as though they left a better person!

More and more yeahs and stuff like that

Oh if you only knew how it feels doin' shows on the road or at home with your crew
In the brown Jetta
Due for the sound check soon
Townsend had fell through, DNA Lounge?
Oooh god, I feel sorry for that poor retard
Whose gonna coordinate reordering the parts
When the SoleSides guys bogart the stage
They got no regard
The place is torn apart!
That's the mindset going over the bridge
Average speed we did was about seven-fifth
We was led by a Saturday night western wind flowing through the cockpit
We're ready for soundcheck--or the gig
Whichever begins first it doesn't matter
Dinner is dessert, and hors d'oveures , and it serves amateurs
And at first Xcel sets up the SL 12 huns
And we've huddled and exchanged three rounds freestyle each
X cues the records and a couple heavy mettlers set up
Three bottles of effervescent beverages
And the end is eminent and Quannum's in the house
We 'bout to give you muthafuckas hemorrhages

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