Lil Switch - Night Terrors [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Lil Switch
Album: Music.I.Would.Die.For.
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1]
Night terrors, wake up screaming
Look down at your palms, feeling sticky they’re bleeding
But it’s okay man ‘cause I’m type O positive
And I’m positive I smoked some O and got high as shit
Dreaming of demonic shit, speaking of dreams I’ll jump into yours and demolish it
Get your dream girl, tell her to suck my dick and polish it
Tell her to give me all the brain she got
Man I’m on some college shit, looking for a college chick
Nope I ain't no baller bitch, you won’t get no scholarship
What you get is what you get
Ooh let’s fall in love, or at least that’s what they’re calling it
Leave your Pee Wee Herman boyfriend, I don’t know what you saw in him
Oh that’s right, that fat wallet looks really nice on him
Now he’s killing himself, aww that’s so nice of him
Inviting Mr. Grim, over to spend the night with him
Let’s lock him in the den and have him for dinner later
Let the demons get to him and grind him up like skaters
Tell him to keep it down! He’s waking up the neighbors!
My greater moments are when I spark hard bars in the dark
Having thoughts of Donnie Dark, yeah

[Verse 2]
Night terrors, wake up falling
Voices in your head, screaming, calling
Look around your room and see angels and demons brawling
I’m evolving into something obscene, the worst you’ve seen
And these goblins involving me in problems, smirking at me
‘Cause they Stalins [stalling] while I’m Russians [rushing]
Loving to see me bleed and I attempt to flee, but I’m running into nothing
The temperature increases and my blood starts bubbling
At a thousand degrees or something
I’m in the belly of the beast and it’s grumbling
It’s hungry for flesh and I’m stumbling into death
I guess, ‘cause yes I fucked up when I messed with Mr. Ouiji
Now I’m brain dead, head oozing, getting the same visions on repeat
Of goons cleaning up my blood with squeegees
My instinct is to escape this precinct
I’m having night terrors, and I can hardly see me
But I feel me creeping to my reaping, sweating and shaking while I’m sleeping
Then I bounce up awakened by a loud screeching
Then leap into my bed, how the fuck I get up the ceiling?
I have a fever and I ignore the squealing
Of the chaplain saying that I’m not following God’s teaching
I look him in the face and I say you neither
Maybe they’ll listen if I sound like Justin Bieber, Baby, baby, oh, fuck it
Life’s a tranny bitch with a dick, careless of where it stuck it

[Verse 3]
Night terrors, wake up struggling, trying
Your mama’s mumbling and she’s crying
Reciting prayer after prayer, pleading you won’t die and
The walls start rumbling, pissed the devil off and he’s replying
Silly woman, or stupid humans rather
Place malice on thyselves and repent after
Fake habits to repel hell in any matter, doesn’t matter
I’ve had your soul for collateral since you popped out the hole
Then the screams are drowned out by laughter
No! Leave me alone I’ve shown no interest
In becoming your clone, don’t make me your slave or your apprentice
Get out my dome, my psyche, and my intestines
I can’t leave you alone, I reside inside you
And if you were to die then I would die too
I’m inside you, I am you
Damn you! That ain't true
And your eyes start rolling back, bones breaking in your back
Heart attacks, holy water baths, neck begins to crack
You increasingly start to lack breath, you begin to gasp, vision goes black, ahhh!
Then you fall back to find evil spirits have been giving you flack
You don’t understand so you reverse the track and try to find error
But the error is within, now you’re having night terrors

Money, money, money… Money is the root, root, root…
Money, money, money… Money is the root of all, money is the root of all…
Music, music, music… Uuhhh… Music is the root, root, root… Ahhhh
Money, money, money, yeahhh… Money is the root of all evil, evil… yeah…
Music, music, music… is the root of all sanity…

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