LoneSoul - Unorthodox (Remix) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: LoneSoul
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: DJ Premier

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Tekst piosenki

That shit right there...
Everybody love him? Everybody love him? Everybody love him!?

[Verse 1: LoneSoul]
Fuck that, everybody be indifferent or disgusted
That's why we are now discussin' why cussin' comin' so suddenly
Run in these runners please; to see why my feet is busted
Bustin' out of my shell like a seer; a gala my hustle
I bustle busters for nothin', tell 'em their future's buzzin'
Been buildin' a nice collection of hundreds under these covers
Won't, be discovered, no channels cover this coverage
Ain't got the courage to show a man flourishin' in this rubble
Rather report the rubbish, ratings they feel would plummet
But fuck it, it's funny, I'm the on the sweep under the rug?
They've been sleepin' on the reaper, most scary under the sun
Clearly under my tongue is the pill that Morpheus shunned
Morphine is mundane, next to the plane I'm from
An alien, I'm mainly in, this form to flow then I'm done
I'm forming their new horizons, their mind is mine, I'm above
They be lost in my conscious, the forgotten, I'm toxic sludge, like

[Chorus: LoneSoul]
Money ain't a thing if I got it I won't spend
All I got is the L.A.B, I don't need no friends
I feel like this glory road is only gon' begin
The Lonely Soul, I won't dim
No, we'll never give in
They ask for cheese, but we rigid
Wait for me to make a million, 'fore you visit?
Properly delivered, they knock knees at our scripture
Won't be content, yo, I gotta be sicker

[Verse 2: LoneSoul]
I'ma spark it off Unorthodox, it's off the top
(For real?!) Man of course it's not
You're making Einstein turn over, like he lost the rock
Leave the poor man alone, to help him off the block
It's a, block party, all of y'all invited
I broke the beat so bad, it's cast; you can sign it
You know the three, gon' splash, it's cash, you can't hide it
The moment we was on L.A.B, the fans, got excited
So I, stick to my business, luxury I'ma live it
Eventually, yeah it's meant for me, I can handle the critics
Just, give me time, I'm tryin' to build the skill
After a while I'll be tryin' to fill the till
Tryin' to reach the point I ain't gotta go split the bill
Gotta get half the pain, add in triple the will
Power, hoop plus the harm, disarming them with this real
Of highlights, the high-life I be dyin' to feel, it's like


[Verse 3]
The most lavish of entrances when I come in
We first, they tryin' to pass, but L.A.B was full-frontin'
Idols in my eyes, but I'm at it to get above 'em
Always a little off, they all said "ain't nobody love him"
Pop a couple of kids inside of the oven
Cause I ain't know which, way to put on the rubber
Chances to fail - little, outplaying Hansel and Gretel
Be careful with your plosives, your mic is covered in spittle
I, spit riddles, saliva taste of enigmas
I carry a heavy burden, gym my mind 'til it's bigger
Every consonant and vowel, kill more words with my vigour
Then I book a flight to a higher plane of existence

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