M.A.B. - GODS [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: M.A.B.
Data wydania: 2014-10-08
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Wonya Love

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Tekst piosenki

[Saint Lui]
New day , New Age , New Government
New threat from them , I been hunting on a spree , since the day , I got up in this bitch
West side bound ,Worst town
A God was born in a form of a boy , That boy had to become a man
That little man , had to understand , what his self meant
Learning from the bad , helping out the good , helping out the bad
Never bounded , cold handed penmanship
Got his own government taking the world down , trying to bring they two cents in
They call everybody terrorist that go against they shit
Or an alien , but y'all didn't know Extra-Terrestrials really exist but I did yeah …
Ima crazy ass God , with his mind set
On positivity but willing to drop nukes indeed my voice start to change
They Harp’ing things ,killing weather , making destruction on the sene
Cause more trouble , I like to ,harp thee arctic , to get more , oil
Thee American dream , America been a fucking slave
"So therefore you telling me , I live in the United States of Slaves?" "maybe I'm crazy ?" Fucking insane , maybe I die one of these days , but I'm a God!
If that happens .. Okay
I live beyond thee human days
Come back in this world in a form of another body and do the same shit
Saint Lui got .. He he what bitch ?
He a fucking ghost up in this shit
And Ima tell the government hush they shit , before I gone head and fuck this shit ...

Leo bitch I'm born of son
The world is cold so im the warmer one!
The sun gives off love and pain I guess Gemini ain't the only one!
Livin my life like a lyrical mess
I did save a woman no S on my chest
And my list of regrets
Man I almost died mon like VVS!
Double stack like 2 sets
Now gon' do it like 2 steps!
Get lost or get with the movement we intrudin' yo TV set !
I know the game like pros do it
I'm so through with this government!
Got my own rulers of my own world
Man mutha fuck yo measurements
It's RP we are thee
Top dawgs of Artists!
Lean a little like car seats, my heart beat is hard beats!

[A Beezy Swerve-God]
Young Lords, I'm a God !
My bars boa they go hard
Harder than these laws!
My mind be going so far!
Farther than these stars!
But I'm grindin boy, so i'm shinin boy
So don't act like you ain't know! Don't act like you ain't know!
That he was raised in the slums of the Go!
That he was raised not to trust no hoe!
He was told to get that dough!
He was told not to open that doh!
But you steal from the greedy, Then give to the needy
Then the needy get greedy, so who the fuck you feeding?
Man fuck ya peace treaty, My fam still eaten
Bitches keep tweakin, These hoes keep freakin
And passin out deceases and my niggas keep deceasing for no muthafuckin reason
It's sour politics, socialist government, school bucks ain't shit
But when you force it on a kid, this is what the fuck you get!
A youngin gotta lesson!
And smoke weed for depression!
Cuz his momma keep stressin!
And the bills keep pressin!
So he get real reckless!
He give a fuck about his next kin!
He just want that necklace
Right up off yo neck bitch!
And his hands get sweaty!
And his chest get heavy!
And the chopper aim steady...
Don't let a nigga get petty!
Bet this bitch get the sprayin... (Swerve Swerve)
But his mind still racin (Swerve Swerve)
And he getting impatient... (Splash splash)
Life and death we facing
Waken up every muthafuckin day man!
Livin life through a fuckin Chiraq Laaand!
Chasin checks like a muthafuckin pac man!
We just gotta keep adding to the sack man
To the sack man, to the sack man...

M.A.B. From a Ziggurat
Spirit of a Saint that ain't finna drop
Flow make ya faint, album finna drop
I was servin Jayz, so fuck the Roc!
Hold Up(Hold Up), I was makin green
Never loved the white, so i stayed supreme
Makin cake and cream, fiends prayed to me
Minorities made me major league!
Still to this day, there's slavery
Word to MLK, All we need is peace
But the Feds some beast, They just want to feast!
Ask Mother Nature, They want custody!
The economy's ran by communist who run our consciousness, i'm the consequence!
Young nigga on his grind, young nigga #DreamOrDie !
To Live You Must Dream, so i'm reaching to sky!
No Master P, This No Limit
What's green paper, to these gold lyrics?
Flow natural, So Priceless
Gotta good geist, The nicest
Keep bad queens tryna bite dick!
This holy flow is the light bitch!
Follow me while you swallow me
I'm like knowledge, see
I'm what ya college needs!
My philosophy is fuck policies!
Breakin shit down like dichotomy!
Hip-Hop culture's apart me!
I won't stop, no sir, i'm ____!
I ain't takin no shit, fuck apologies!
And taxonomy and Obama, B!
If you really keep talking of toppin me
Ima really spit the truth now drop to the feet!

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