Mathematik - Following Goals (Frankenstein Remix) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Mathematik
Data wydania: 1999-01-01
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Frankenstein

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse One: Mathematik]
I've afforded all of my efforts over 100%
And lent many hours of concentration that sent
I'm meant to kill the commercial disease that bent out
Releasing on each MC that's sent
What I [?] all of my records only proof to men
Truth to blend
My music an everyday extension
Dispersing attention
My verse and ascension
Training my hands to war
Fingers linger in the binder of the verse responding for more
It's kinda like I'm at war holding C4, igniting a cause
Seeking objectives, selective, my perspective, aggressive
Live message, killing all oppressive
Most armed society that don't apply to me
How do we get in this predicament yo?
I'm bound to see to my ending to life different so
Shifted into what I was gifted and to hit men
That's scripted in my soul, see I'm following goals
Living in control

[Hook: Mathematik (Bahamadia)] {x2}
Following goals
(Maintain full control)
While taking a toll
(Going after dreams you hold)
Writing a scroll
(Never borrow but retrieve what I mold)
I'ma let you receive what's told
To conceive and unfold

[Verse Two: Bahamadia]
Life is uneven
And add the balance of [?]
In it's circumference negative energy was defeated
All I had was the passion for rapping and the hope of succeeding
[?] manifested through my seedling
Principal elements that kept me breathing
See due to my physical being it prevented my spirit from leaving
Leading me to overstand I had Neo with this sister Bahamadia
Tina turns but knowing that I was divine creature
One In A Million like Aaliyah
Functioning well within the schemes of mind ether
Experience became the main feature
Filter, lessons acquired from the elder
Lyrical thai expanded the garden I made me
Wealthier than most on my level or plane
The value of sanity made more than material gain
And though focus and sacrifice at times did cause pain
Before shooting toward stars I had to aim
(What's your aim?)
To escape eternal flame


[Verse Three: Bahamadia]
Positive [?] resided in me provided passes straight to my odyssey
Kept redefining me whenever I achieve knowledge
Allah to movement moving in silence perfecting methods to tackle the challenge
That kept my whole existence valid
To whomever I be facing, exposing to my ways of operating
While many carry out the deeds of Satan
I use my blessings of creating as a force of motivation
Mostly because it's stimulating
Penetrating, thoughts directed in my path
Revealing truth like tossing of gavel sticks to [?] hexagrams
Sketching out the diagram to [?]
Avoided being a deadbeat
Cause sub level work just wouldn't let me
Weighed the pros and cons heavy
That's when choices began connecting
Now the words are never ending

Constantly pushing me to lengths unknown
Shown I'm prone to caving
And at any given moment you might need saving
Or like Penny Pippens on opponents I keep making
Doorways straight through the obstacles
Run into raw flames
Through the pop cycles
Strapping a parallel line with a parallel rhyme
Knowing the moment is mine
I be controlling this time when I unfold from the mind
Redesign, opposite novice
Preaching is the Optimus seeking my Prime
I contact Illadelph just to drop this rhyme
Bahamadia I see ya
Thoughts are freer
A stylist, not seen for miles and piles
While we team up, I keep the dream up
Kinda like a prenup
Or some insurance so my rhyme flourish
The beat's up, I speak up, making the weak deplete
Service towards destinations week to week
But yo, worthless to all the fallen
May it rise and stall, my the wise may cause
The eight balls to corner pocket
I aim goals and lock it
I ain't gon' fall to stop, I resurrect to drop

"Keep on"

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