Matt C. - Zach's Story [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Matt C.
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

He's a story about Zach the asthmatic
The class valid Victorian who loves porn and mathematics
His math average is high so the kids would laugh at us
Slacks and hathers as he walks by track practice
"Goodfay Faggot" no apparent reason
So embarrassed too scared to go and tell his teachers
Never told his parents either
He would just keep to his own
Deep in the zone
Hoping the they'd leave him alone
His peace is at home
Talkin to his girlfriend
But they met on facebook so they could only speak on the phone
She keeps him composed
Like you need to learn Babe defend yourself in the first place and always keep your nerves straight
And if you let them see that it bothers you
It'll get worse Babe I love you regardless of what those jerks say
So her words made perfect sense
Don't kurk because words shouldn't be hurtin him
The next day Zach didn't get the french quiz so well
So he stayed after to get some help
Hours passed the dismissile bell
Nigga finished getting help
He dipped and went to go sit on the wishing well
Pissed as hell but minding his business
He sees a group of guys from a distance
He tries to identify the guys and he finally gets it
It's the guys trying to get him climbing the fences
Zach realized he was defenseless
And tries to go and hide where the gym is
Running full speed
Schools over so he knows the guys would surely stop
He grabbed the handle, but the doors locked
They come around the corner "Ah, look what we have here it's Zach the fat queer I had math class with you last year
Remember I need the answers cause I don't know nothing and you said no and I failed so no homecoming"
Zach froze wondering he said "leave me alone"
Stubborn dude punched him in the nose left his nose bloody
Beating him senseless curled in the fetal position
He screamed "Please I have a breathing condition"
He grabbed his neck and he choked throat
Went into his pocket and stole his phone
His eyes closed rolled into his skull
An hour latter
Zach made it home
Clothes soaked in blood
Eyes swollen shut
Nose broke as fuck
He looks himself in the mirror and sees the open cuts
Grabs hold of the toilet and starts throwing up
Like, "Fuck I never thought they'd take it that far"
He swears to god this is the last straw
He goes back into the black hall
Down into his dad's office
Grabs a black bag
And opens up his dad's drawer
And starts spassing like "I swear I had enough of this"
Then takes his dad's magnum that he always packs on hunting trips
Grabs a trench coat to stash the pistol
Then pack a blade incase he needs to slit throats
He pissed so he ain't trying to be calm
He's tired of always crying so it's time for a war
The next day when Zach first arrived in the hall
He pulled the fire alarm and starts firing off
He reloads and starts dumping some more
Leaving 1 2 3 bodies slumped on the floor
Everybodys starts running and clustered in the hall
"This is not a drill don't let anybody come through the door"
All the kids start scatterin' glass starts shatterin'
Behind the loud echos Zach of the shot starts laughing and blabberin'
"All yal really think you could fuck with me
If you want me nigga come get me"
Zach reloaded and sprinted
Past the detention past his math class
And went back where the gym is
He sees the group of dudes that left his dome crack
Zach walked and aimed "Give me my phone back"
Don't wanna well fight try now
Fuck that
Lied down
Fuck this
Between the eyebrows
Zach said he wasn't here for all that hostage shit
Then he pulled the trigger and shot both accomplices
He had a mission and accomplished it
Now it's time to dip, then he heard a gunshot that wasn't his
He paused and stopped
And turned to see some weapons
It was a dog and cop at the emergency exit
They said "Son please drop the gun we're gonna find someone
We go the whole school surrounded so don't even try to run"
Zach smiled and he looked at his pistol said "Fuck you" and put his gun to his temple

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