MattNotMike - Middle Finger Music [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: MattNotMike
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Chase N. Cashe

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Tekst piosenki

This that Middle Finger Music x3

[Verse 1]
When they hating on you they call it constructive criticism
Telling you how to rap but really lacking rhythm
Tried to teach me about art with construction paper and scissors
But I'm more crafty
Like a thief in the night
Like a sheikh in the night
Like a Sheep in the night
I'm who they counting on
Better yet a cow after dawn
Cause I reached a new height I just jumped over the moon
So no one utter a word as I milk this shit
They thinking you the best locally
But you looking like Gorbachev
Cause outside of your walls nobody fucks with your regime
So what the fuck right do you have to tell me
That I need to change or rearrange the way I be
The way I am
All this hate turns me Son of Sam
Helter Skelter Columbine when I'm picked at
Picked a pack of peppers now its time to take flight
I'mma stay up and hustle while you sleep sweet dream nighty night nigga

[Hook x2]
I don't know what they want from me
They keep saying I could use some adjusting
Fuck that I'mma just do my own thing
And when its all said and done we'll see who's winning

[Verse 2]
So whats it all for?
Double up the score
Tally up my raw talent Tally-Ho then tally my hoes
Been sick with it wildin' out catching Wrek
Save the sex
Cause shawty I'm only in it for that muh fuggin' neck
I must have hit the lottery
Cause all your favorite blogs picking me
In their top ten top of the pecking order
With a high list of disorders
Reincarnated from Billy Ocean in his prime
Mixed with Optimus Prime
Primal in design
With natural primal instincts
So don't blink or hesitate cause that's when I make my great escape
Sean Connery knighted with a cult following
Landed on the rock then rock bottomed carbon copy Mes
Do you copy me? roger that over
Its like a game if read rover these hoes keep calling me over
Walk the opposite way if they carrying strollers
Judgmental at best passive when I'm older


[Verse 3]
I spent a lot of time
Facing my fears
And fighting these tears
And a few years
Putting rhymes to this paper
Ironically it had a reverse reaction
Every time I write a bar its more cash that I'm stashing
Every time I start to rap it sounds like titans clashing
Every time you figure me out I'm Raiden flashing
From the ground I arose
Spitting Sub-Zero temperatures and now your froze
I'm a concrete rose
Emerged from the town that I'm bringing back
So you can hate me for that see if I give a fuck
I'm Manning with this money your Indianapolis
You're banking on Luck
Your bank account looking rough
Shaggy even if you snack with Scooby you won't catch me
So catch up B
Heinz and all that the Heisenberg of Rap



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