Mazon - Sunroof [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Mazon
Album: Maintaining
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1 - Mazon]
Painting pictures from a city they forgot about
Without a doubt, I took a detour from the college route
It ain't no pride in that, I just ain't hiding that
Armageddon is where we heading, no surviving that
Only living life once, niggas on that might stuff
I be bout that action, hustling hard, stacking
For a rainy day, but what can I say
The lessons of my present lifestyle done made me this way
I give a fuck what you say, some food for your toupee
I burned a whole bouquet, then played my man in 2k
Then probly chill uptown, ain't shit to do in the Burg
My OG should be home, but I ain't saying no words
Shit is real, sucka niggas conceal the truth
Without a deal, keep it real, and I'm still the truth
I hold it down for my city, I'm getting busy
On my way downtown, the ? looking pretty
And I'm...

[Hook - Mazon]
Riding through the city with the sunroof cracked
Feeling good, bout to roll me up a sack
Grab a cup, pour it up, I can take it strong
Grab a case, holla at me, what you waiting on?
What you waiting on?
People ask, young boy what you waiting on?
If you a rapper get the microphone and make a song
What you waiting on? What you waiting on?

[Verse 2 - Mazon]
They think I'm taking long? I think they patience gone
But its all good, I'm from a small hood
Known as Burg City tho, shot the first video
Shout out to my supporters, all my haters get with me tho
Best be on your tippy toes, wilder than a Black Hippy show
And I ain't been to one yet, I just seen the video
Meet that nigga Millie tho, in center city Philly tho
We finally getting through when shit was moving really slow
Nosebleeds, finally getting some better seats
We sit with celebrities, cause we got the longevity
We take all the melodies, and we unload our memory
To the street like Kennedy, at the hands of his enemy
Naw, this ain't what I pretend to be
This is surely an entity of a nigga's identity
That's why I keep a pen with me
Or just write it down mentally
I give you my life, wondering will they remember me?
As I'm...


[Verse 3 - Damani]
I'm waiting for the day my niggas in that penthouse
Multitasking with bitches, weed, liquor, and my pen out
You say you never heard me, I tell you that I been out
Watch days with Damani, we can show you what we live bout
Chilling with my niggas, rolling blunts up in the studio
A couple months ago, man, I was hoping that my crew would blow
Sitting on a couch, chiefing with my two guys
And now a thousand views in two days out the Blue Sky
I stopped waiting, had to get up on my grind
I know a thousand ain't a lot, but it's a million over time
Put the bitches to the side, and kept the moolah on my mind
And we got that tunnel vision, so we kill it all the time
Nothing could be in the way of what we trying to get
My niggas do this for a living, yall just trying to spit
And PHC do it better, I don't gotta trip
My whole team starting, none of us gon' ride the bench

[Bridge - Mazon]
If you really with me, middle fingers in the air
Let these haters know we really don't care
Going hard cause tomorrow's never promised nigga
Pay respect, pay attention, or pay homage nigga
Ay, we gon' make it in a minute, yea
Yea, We gon' make it in a minute, yea
Why you tripping? We gon' be there in a minute
Riding round with my niggas, in the passenger I'm sitting
And I'm...


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