Mogul Club - Best of Brooklyn Cypher 2014 [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Mogul Club
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Franco Vegas]
The boy Vegas just to look at you from uptown
Momma had to learn quick had me at my age now
Kept a blunt when she [?]
Gave me tough skin that made me the man I am now
I grew up a screw, hung out with shooters
The dribbling kind or the guys with 9's and Rugers
So you outta your mind if you think this Yankee boy coming with these weak punches you can call me Frankie Jude
No more crutches to lean on back to me against the world bout to get my swing on
New York great I get my Bernard King on
Outta this world I should spit this shit and cling on
I got 99 problems and the team ain't one
Well, 98 cause the cream ain't one
And if you got a problem I'll create one
Get your mans for these bars I cremate son
While you niggas talking Gucci, Louis, and Margiela
I'm thinking my man yella tryna keep my people better
See the difference 'tween me and you never equal
So just give me my space before I'm pressed to delete you
Flow chill and the bars so lethal, chicken
Ya I see you my talent was scared, me too
I grow fond of my lyrical strength
Got him jumping like Olajuwon fakes on the paint
I see they catching on gotta take in the bank
You been reaching the stars for its right up in your face
Niggas talk a lot of shit but you better know this
I ain't a Christian we can battle and I'll leave you soulless
You probably think I'm nuts I tell you the whole list
You wanna call me a dick well Ill tell you to blow this
I'm tired of being nice man who's back to menace
I think you whack so let's see if it's fact or fiction

[Verse 2: Radamiz]
For Hot 9 might come with a hot 99
Check my watch on the jet as the time flies
Bedstuy centerfold they ain't men they get menstruals
Slapping 8 rappers I got tentacles
Mad sick, got my temper in Bellevue Hospital
Be hospitable hip hop, I'll even take off my shoes
Never got fucked over by whacks so celibate
I'll sell you bait on how to rear in heavy weights as a welter weight
I'm warning you G I'm here to Regulate
The game I'm playing make lettermen's levitate
Worst flaws better than your best features
Worst verses better than your best features
If you wrote my worst lines they'll be your favorites
Always told I'll be paid if I had patience
Been cunning with the conundrums
Got December locked when the summer come
Running it so you running from
You tryna trick me with subtle lies, counter your sucker punch
Got mini me's double my size make bucks double up
Somersault Franklin and Grant like gymnastics
Who knew dead man in a coffin could still back flip
In my Swiss made loafers Swiss knife swiftness
Bitchassness is a sickness and you plus for the symptoms
Only we looking back if the parking parallel
Peter Parker climb the walls you built to wish I'd fail

[Verse 3: Yung star]
Better than me on the mic is what you never been
Nevermind I'm ahead of them niggas who's set to win
A better fighter better fighter with a better chin
Could take a hit could make a hit take a shit let me settle in
My demeanors cool but any given moment it can switch don't be confused tryna see it's me or goon
But I'm me I'm sick no remedy for this shit everything I kick had its feature smothered with ether fumes
So of course where your speakers boom [?]
Cause if I cut your ass with one of my track it'll be your deepest wound
Deeper than an ocean path that leads to a secret tomb
That seen through the wide eyes of a blind got his [?]
Ya I'm sick nigga
My flow is easily compared to razor blades knives and daggers I rip niggas
So change tones or get the strap and a bandage
My niggas we break bones no collateral damage
And I'm slicing the vaginas something like a [?] having awkward intercourse
With an enormous honkey donkey they say I wrote this the shit that's hopeless
That leaves you sick the coffin an uneasy wheeze and a [?]
[?] you lay it down to rest reaching out for the deck that I caused it
You couldn't sign a check to get out the deck what the cost is
Exceed your means [?] before you're forced to report to the coffin
And niggas yelling they the kings of their house
But half of y'all want to be the kings of the south
That's why a nigga like me gave respect to half the shit you say out your mouth
Y'all be treating this rap game like you laying on your couch
Getting way too comfortable nigga
But what you thought? Ain't nobody come or you niggas
That bitch Molly in the Molly's probably comfort you niggas
But I ain't with it once I get back to lyrics then it's done for you niggas

[Verse 4: Ioan Delice]
I've been over looked by loads of niggas
Got me detoured on verge of exploding niggas
And nicotine got all of my teeth eroding niggas
Don't feel I need 'em cause I'm tryna be the truest spitter
Fuck a [?] type that eats his dogs out his own liter
Or to get rid of another potential winner?
Colder than winter I could give a fuck if desperation got me throwing both my fingers up
I ain't saying I throw them under the bus
But if they jay walk as the bus comes I tell them not to rush
You probably blush man I'm sick in the head
All the niggas that wrote me off gon' wish I was dead
I keep it realer than most on this side of the coast
As far as I know the rest only see through a scope
Roll an L then I toke in the air I blow smoke
Spit cold in the 3rd degree like murder I wrote
Nigga I'm absolute ain't no imitating my flow
The sky ain't the limit for I am way more higher
I'm way too fly for these niggas to see me
I'm up now looking down all you niggas look tinnie
I'm sitting top of the mound screaming the fuck is up now?
Salute to all of my troops before I begin to execute
Bust like I was popped in a double Duece
Through your mother goose feather flew knocking pussies off the fucking pedestal
More truth in this booth than a confession room
Feel like my mind gone as the depression looms
I'm thinking crazy I thinking I may be looney toons
But fuck it I'mma embrace it if this what looneys do
Girls wanna do me niggas wanna fight me
Rappers can't lyricise so all they try to do is bite me
Back to my senior year I swear nobody like me
Try to cut my ass when they did the most likely's
They said I'll be most likely to be hooked on weed
Living bummy it's funny cause now they front like they love me
They try to reach out I cut them off now their arms stubby
[?] ain't none of you worth I'm absolute!

[Verse 5: Madwiz]
I go on like peroxide, in like chicken from Popeyes
I used to play stupid but then I got wise
Now when I see doubles they be ta-tas, make 'em
Shake like maracas, to make the world turn counter clockwise
Trippin' on niggas that's my size, giants and titans
Duffin' niggas instead of trying to light 'em
I come to accept the fact that I'm anti-social
If it's me you tryna get close to stay hopeful
Wiz, for your wifey and your fatherless kids
That's how it is, I ain't sorry I did
I already did, and bitch I never look back
Meals you could cook that, but understand you'll
Never have my heart, you ain't know
You was waiting for your cab from the start
And it's parked outside until you have to debark
But the God's ruthless, and cupid couldn't shoot this
But yo I'll never sweat that though, time to get stupid
The rottweiler, hundred dollar stack piler
Who pops collars, chasing the money like cops and robbers
Cats in my dog house? I'm going all out
Madwiz baby 'bout to show you what the war about
Put you in the position to watch your mouth
When I pull the sword out, give your friends liqour to pour out
My occupation is giving these rappers more doubt
They not nice I'm gonna pull a hip-hop heist
For all the days I was starving it just got right
And fuck a Bentley, I couldn't even cop bikes
But my luck changing fuck thugs and fuck banging
Some of the stuff I'm aiming, would have had my butt hanging
From the gallows, blunts I puff, same shit
That made hol shallow, and I'm smooth like allow
Who the pharaoh of rapping and the hood's Dirty Harold
Who point the barrel, and put the fucking slaughter to the cattle
So I can clack it, turn this actor into an actress
I be flippin on niggas like I was practicing gymnastics
Word to my glasses, when I catch wreck it's massive
Up to the last bit dawg, who you wanna clash with?

[Verse 6: King Critical]
Left Arrow backslash kill em right arrow
Yeah that's embedded I'm headed for yo marrow
I'm picking your bones thug for fucking up my harmony
Bodies get folded up if these niggas don't honor me
You ought to be in a different sport cause in this court
You'll get your arteries torched and of course that'll be the cost
If you bother me, see my only option is killing em
When in a black hood in a black hood full of Zimmermans
Fuck simmering I'm Yosemite with the synonyms
Sit em in everybody's body that's why they listening
Smack the baby and everybody that's at the christening
Notorious Crit fucking the game til' my dick is in
The dirt, but a nigga put in work
Can't tell if I'm kicking ass or if I'm kicking a, verse
Swear you niggas is trash one word for y'all, hurst
If there was a fountain of rap you nigga a died of, thirst
Safe to say I'm back again leaving your abdomen
Like you had spoil milk by accident
Loyal built till the soil spill on our backs again
Consider this rare but use that shit as acronym
Cause real and raw excellence that's the message I'm passing em
Get the message my message leave messes when attacking em
Flow is so precious but yet so precious when I put passion In
When asked for the best they send thea god but I ain't African
I was taught batter up or be cake batter and
I'm way pass code like computers that they be hacking in
I guess I'm the elf of this rap I see
Cause its niggas with no presence tryna rap like me
And where I'm from it ain't no black eyed peas
Just blacks in black black eyes and black eyed peas
But i studied got good at showing my mental with a pencil
So the raps Get more woooo's then a Ric Flair tribute
The shit I wrote be the shit you wrote with a stencil
I paint the thickest coats you need a coat to get in to
I'm too cold yo 10 jabs won't equal to these two blows
Raps full with cracks like the diapers on a sumo
Tell the ref blow the whistle these rappers coming up too short
Come up too close and get the treatment of a Newport
Niggas is glucose all sugar in you writers
They see the best of Brooklyn now everybody do Cyphers
You could cypher if you want you get cyphered like a blunt
Time to pay the piper you peppers bite us you pickled chumps
A never see me if you put pcp in the punch
But it's pcp in the punchlines tryna punk mines
Treat you rappers like you wrappers now its crunch time
Cause I'm the pro of this era can't compare these eyes
They peep the steez see J's and swear he fly
R.I.P STEEZ couldn't sleep when had to hear he died
Once the care leaves I'm Achilles i'ma kill these guys
I'm so serious
It ain't even a spec a man in yo specimen
You'll see L's before everything like a Mexican
Bar for bar ain't no rapper next to him
They destined to be equal like wheelchair pedestrians
Mogul club we the ones you should've invested in
The beasts of this coast but we ain't in the same set as them
That ain't no diss I got nothing but respect for them
But honestly if you want honesty we the best of them
Last year I said I was a charger so you better dodge
This year I'm saying I'm your father I got better bars

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