MoonMan - Insane (single) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: MoonMan
Data wydania: 2015-12-17
Gatunek: Rap
Tekst: MoonMan

Tekst piosenki

And that's why they call me Notorious KKK
I'm back
I'm back
Thats my name
I'm insane

I murder a rhyme like I murder a kike
Its time to Lynch a bigger outside
White pride worldwide
Run away be afraid but there is no where to escape
Jason is gone but the moon is back with his gang
Grabbing the chainsaw and a hockey mask
You have seen nothing from the big Jew attack
I'm talking smack so relax it won't hurt you
(Gunshots) of course it will you stupid fuck
My task is simply slaying niggers everyday
With a motherfucking chainsaw
Get rid if the AK,this is the nigger slaying day
You know what that means
Grab a knife (gas a kike) stab a bigger at night
Niggers have no rights but W-H-I-T-E-S have mi-g-h-t
When it's night outside I can't see
Because of ya' shitskin
Oh look a feminist that I chopped off her clit
And slit her wrists
Look I don't give a fuck
If I triggered you
But it's time to kill you
You better run away can't you read my fucking lips bitch
(What did I trigger you?)
See this dick? This is what you will be sucking tonight
Fat bitch


Once I killed my feminazi girlfriend in the hotel
And sent her to hell
Shit gone well
Until I got locked in a cell
Since then I was planning on my revenge on the jews
And the coons and the cops who putted me in this cell
I've been racist since the age of twelve
Cutted her head off and putted it on the shelf
Along with other animals I killed (sample: here nigga nigga,WHITE POWER!)
My friends thought I'm crazy they we're right I'm insane
Thats where I got my name from
They call me killer cause im crazy
I pull the trigger before you even see me
I throw Niggers down the sea
Making a kike shine bright in an oven
Making him burst to flames in no time
By these rhymes I've been tossing
Seeing a nigger in the morning
I give him the warning
*gun cocking* killed him when he started crossing the street
I'm a racist fuck indeed
Burn a Jew, Lynch a nigger!, chop a feminazi's clit
Sleep repeat
Thats how my Shit works
Enough with your racial equality shit
And drink my piss


I take seven klansmen from Carolina
Stand them all in line
Add an ak47 a revolver a nine
And a (?) Outta solve the problem of mine
And that's a whole tribe of Niggers shot em up one time
Cause I'm white, better than all you colored fucks
Racial equality my ass
You tryna get my Shit down before it gets uploaded way too fast
Haseeb2 tryna take your kids into his bed
He is a faggot with no life
A pedofile
A sandnigger that tries to kill you
Close the snack bar
That needs to die and leaves us in piece
I punch him in the teeth and here goes his teeth falling
I kill a nigger easily with a bullet
That is no waste
And easily increase the murder rate
Twist a nigger's heads off
And throw it on Haseeb2 doorstep
With a message saying
Nice try taking me down, asshole
Goes back to home
And (i) get laid with a bitch
Took her to Mickey D's
Filled her with STD's

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