Moufy - Boston Lights Remix [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Moufy
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Moufy]
As long as they know, New England's here to stay, I did my job
It started as a dream, look at how I live it
Welcome to my city where no sins are forgiven
Star Gang, it's a movie, cameras rollin', why we winin'?
And if there's anything fame taught me is don't ever trust these women
I said bitch I rep New England, I do it for my region
Boston's in my veins, say I'm rappin' for a reason
Got these cold heart secrets, give to art and I'll reveal it
Cause I do it for those kids that have nothin' to believe in
And I gotta think my fans, I gotta think my fans
Star Gang affiliates made me everything I am
I did it for the city, now the world understand me
Cause it's Boston 'til I die, RIP Diddy-Star Gang

Throw my 3's, did that from the beginning
I walk up in this game like the realest player in it
I do it for my city, Boston! I do it for my city, Boston!
When the good die young, and hard work make it
I gotta put a song, cause my people tired of waitin'
I do it for my city, Boston! I do it for my city, Boston!

[Verse 2: Slaine]
Look, I was runnin' these streets, we was burnin' spliffs and smokin' fools
Hoppin' turnstiles back when there was a token used
Neighborhood was full of hard heads, mixin' coke and booze
Provoke and there gon' be some smokin' tools, that's how the culture moves
Came up fast and I broke the rules, what's a local dude now supposed to do?
When everybody got toast or a case
Look 'em in the face as they overdosin' close to you
Gang Starr to the Star Gang, title hungry and starving
Fight for money and we hot for G's, check the pharmacies that we're robbin'
Can't knock me off of my pivot
This how I live it, give it what I got
I don't give a fuck if it's ice cold frigid
In a low digit blizzard in the middle of the dark
I keep movin' on and hustlin' more
Obstacles, I crush them all
Keep fightin' 'til they kill me, round here that's just a custom dog

Boston! Culture!

[Verse 3: Smoke Bulga]
Boss Town, like Ducatti Gang, BB King in this
Bruin colored stones in the chain
Big ride through the town, load it for a pound
Nothin' mass all like you boy getting to town
It's a green light to that red light
All you fuck head niggas see that white light, riiight
Got smoke with smoke
You got a date with death, money's one in a row
We keep up in the town, shout out to the townies
Hold 'em where the south feed, The whole Suffolk County
Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan, South End
It's life for life to my life end


[Verse 4: Edo G]
Everybody die, not everybody live
Everybody want, not everybody give
Yea, no longer are we anonymous
Edo G and Boston been synonymous
This city where we hit pharmacists
We're the smartest people without common sense
Well, we don't have small talk
One dog bark, all dogs bark
The home of the Mayor Menino
The home of the floor lords in Lino
Every city got Techs 9's and mossburgs
But every city don't have the Wahlberg's

[Verse 5: Termanology]
B to the O.S.T.O.N, go when I does, cousin show me love
Cousin, I rep Boston like none other
I've been goin' in dumb, stupid, silly, retarded
I got a lot of haters but they know I go the hardest
I promise, talk about me up in every projects
I make Boston famous even though I come from Lawrence
Terminology, you know that man pop up BET
MTV, can you say the same partner?
Get up in the track, I'm huntin' everybody livin'
Henny bottle sippin', soon he got a reason
Ain't no better feelin' than chillin' with 10 women
Anybody killin' the end of the term is it
Shout out to my cousin, gotta lock the prison
I'm a rock the city 'til you lock me in
And I go mad on that long style, reppin' that ST to the bat again let's go


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