Mr Ekow - Still Heaven Bound [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Mr Ekow
Album: Ekow Chamber
Data wydania: 2014-07-29
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Prospect

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Tekst piosenki


[Verse 1: Mr Ekow]

This is more than a verse, this is more than a chorus
This is the future history unraveling before us
Can't ignore us, this is big, nah get me a thesaurus
Can't be misunderstood, this is more than enormous
Understand? Like a Tyrannosaurus roaming through the land
Want to see the world shake where we leave our stamp
So yes, we deliver the message at hand
And it ain't canned so you ain't got to worry about spam
Clogging up your inbox, think outside the box man
We drop the plan of action to build up an attraction
Not for your amusement, but so we park this faction
Into popular culture, cos we wanna take over
But still repping Jehovah, call us spiritual soldiers
We ain't in it for the dough, we don't want to be Homer
So the main reason that we use this music
Is to introduce the Christ so you ain't got to be clueless

Yeah and it's still Heaven Bound
Rolling with the punches, we're never backing down
Rising from the underground, trying to bring the sound up
High, High, High, High, High, High, High, High, x2

[Verse 2: D.Mac]
Feeling overwhelmed by the hugs and kisses, overdose me
The pain is trying to turn a killer, thriller in the night
Changing every minute, mixed emotions
An open invitation, every information spoils another secret
That was hidden, forbidden to shoot the messenger
I'm loyal to the heart I won't depart to fill the holes
Fake materials, a stolen flow
I see a lot of stolen souls boasting like they know it all
Coordination mess up
Now the competition grows
Everyday I'm learning
But earning at the same time I recall my brain developing a plan
I wipe my tears then I go on If I fall then I get up
Brush the dirt of then I be strong, stay strong
The definition of a striver paints a picture of a slave
Restless to make it work, always finding away
Ok put my shoes on, I'm a walk it away


[Verse 3: Jordan]
Still here, stayed in 2nd gear till we hit the strip
Then floored it, driven by his Spirit that refused to quit
Here for a minute now, 7 years in it now
Learning from mistakes, yeah we make them cos we're living now
We impart the truth, keep calm, carry on and move
These bars aren't here to encage, they're here to let you loose
Just relax, what's up besides your back?
I ain't here the cast a stone but rather to fill a gap
Like an umbilical cord
Born but still connected to the source
Came as a man but none rejected what they saw
Still committed to the cause, still convicted by my flaws
But there's no chance that they will restrict me anymore
See these tracks that we spray on? Always transparent
Get my X-ray on and they still ain't understanding
This is more than just a moment, it's a movement
Clearing up all the confusion that's polluting
All the souls that we're recruiting (ah)


It ain't fair to compare us to them square emcees
We take back to the root, we grab the mic with ease x3


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