Mr. Green - Clap [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Mr. Green
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Mr. Green

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1 - Freddie Gibs]
I wanted to be just like my big homie OJ
Instead of going to college four years I took the foul way
King of the underground with no radio I pushing Oplate
Still got many smokers and geekers of in my doorway
Momma I'm going to it, dropping the formoul to it
Poison in my two meter, im posted with my two meters
I know that my enemies pray that this smoe will go to Jesus
Father please forgive me that those niggas no longer breathing
Broke, blind and cripple, to dup in the spittim
Nothing but murder on my mind but my bottom lines to issue
Girl don't hug and kiss you, saying you need some rehab
Serve the chronic, make me a addict
Guess I'ma be that nigga until my heart dont tiik
Yeah, the Indiana Godfather, Eastside bitch
All the will when I bail slang and bang 'till they tag my toe
I let my nuts drag down to the floor, gangsta years baby, uh
And if you dont know, now you know, nigga

Everybody clap your hands
Everybody clap your hands
Go go go go

[Verse 2 - Chill Moody]
Plans to be the greatest, I hok to spitt in the faces of those they hold sacred, call 'em over rated
Haters looking at me sideways like I voted Raegen
Screaming bro! But there's no relation, your flow is basic
Grind and tierd of waiting boosted up on that donorslist
Been over patients, now how sick is that
Mr.Green on the track, IJack the ripper that
Philly on my shoulders like Iverson had the Sixers back
In the early dubble O's, travel where trouble goes
Landed at O Jays, cautious of undercover foes
The backstabbers, they smile in your face
Cards revealed they yell "Sorry!", move you out of your space
It ain't a game though, well, at least thats how to saying goes
Bottles to the face, pour a little for the slain though
On the road to the riches, tinted Durango
Won't park till the Sunset, no Drain-no



[Verse 3 - Apollo the Great]
I wanted to be just like my big cousin Chad
He took a few shoots, tought he was 2Pac but didn't rap
Showed me what it was to be in the trap
Starting off and turned it into a stap
Cooking crack, well feeling that
Looking back, yo I needed that
The reason that these younger is cold red
'cus they ain't got official ohead'
Mine was, conduct, my father figured dropping juice on me
I'm more advanced than a lot of niggas
The bran-mentally it mentchalanged me garanty the invalanly, dinsanlanly
Talk to pigs, that's a no no
Offical like the polo with the little logo
Do my dirtual about my dono
Now yoyo, what up yo
Niggas is cutthroat, murder for anything but those scandalous slut hoes
The streets flood of the drug sold to the snub nose
Niggas frontin' in the front-shots
Ringing when the club close (gun shot)

I went fissiual trauma with tribulation, that's why im here
Yeah, uh
We all make mistakes. Yeah
And you do read what is up, so dont think you don't
You know, I got involved with drugs. And, uh..that's why I'm here. But this is not who I am, this is what I became

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