MusicForTheDef - SinceThe7thGrade [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: MusicForTheDef
Album: RealEqualsProsperity
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: HiriiTheHuman

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Tekst piosenki

[ Hook : HiriiTheHuman & Shawn Retro ] I been that nigga since the 7th grade ( What )
I been that nigga since the , since the , since the 7th grade
I been that nigga since the 7th grade ( What )
I been that nigga since the , since the , since the 7th grade

[ Verse 1 : Shawn Retro ] Ok I'm smart with my lyrics
But I'm deaf (def ) with my swag
I'm the rapping Tom Edison these haters make sick
So yeah they got me coughing
Homie I'm a be balling , you can call me spalding , I bodied all these rappers let me out them in a coffin yeah go head test me bet you won't get your results in
I'm all in no stalling
Rising to the top no falling , no falling
My whole crew we flossing (what ) my whole crew we flossing
Homeboy I'm cool like water and yo girl want me to call her
She was over there
Now she over here cause we ain't tryna control her
Wassup though ( What ) ya'll lyrics wack
Ya'll in the back , we in the front though and my clique behind me so don't front bro
Wait hold up
Got a lot of swag that's my freaking problem and yeah I show it off that's my freaking problem
If finding dope swag is your freaking problem
If you one of my haters maybe we can solve it
Un and I do it like Rahkim
That's Rocky , Like Stallone and I Rambo just like him

[ Hook ]

[ Verse 2 : HiriiTheHuman ] See honestly , I am not a fly guy
Moms named me Hiri but the girls call me skygod
Yeah I'm that dude that you see on her I pod
My life is like a movie
Xavier got the tripod
Ya'll full of it like condoms but that is not yo life style
I'm tryna get that condo
Ball like Rondoe but not right now , and wow
All your statements ain't elaborate
A beast , a Minotaur I should be in the labyrinth
You can't even fathom this , a fantom from the black abyss
Everything I put in my music , ya'll be lacking it
Superb on these nerds , nerd swag back packing it
Ya'll not tryna rap a lick , ya'll not even passionate
Please pass the potion in one motion I imagined it
That all ya so called competition is imaginative
Battle so com , not calm on the tracks again
And i'd be so wrong if I didn't state facts in this

[ Hook ]

[ Verse 3 : HOA Bossman ] Let me tell you how it goes
Since the 7th grade I've had these goals
So I been workin since then to have my neck froze
Sip rose
Fuck this models hoes
Get this doe
If it include those
This all I know
That's all I want
Fuck a front
I keep it up front
Fuck the bullshit
I'm quick to squeeze the pump
I don't deal with frail shit
Shoulda knew this from the jump
Trying have my pockets fat as the Klumps
Point out who want what
There beat bet is to duck
From where they kill niggas
Like it was a game of duck hunt
Since I was little
I been a issue
Try me nigga
Ill pull these pistols
& send a missile
I promise they will hit you
& ya momma won't even miss you
I keep it official
Bang bang
No fronting
Over the bullshit my young niggas dumping
Pop off ya top
Masked up Robbin your spot
I'm everything that your not
If you hatin gargle a cock
Potato off the 5th
Clean it off with a sock
I been that nigga since 14 days drop
They praying that I stop
But since the 7th grade I've aim for the top

[ Hook ]

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