Nicole Learner - Attack on Titan [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Nicole Learner
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: BlakMargiold Productions

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Nicole Learner]
Existing in the present is all imagination
And the past is tall tales of restless stagnation
Flag waving our blends of stripes and stars
These flashy clothes and cars supposed to represent who we are
I used to just not get it and let my mind lose focus
Spinning down like a tornado, spiraling out of controlish
Now I'm the master of my destiny
Making my own recipe
And ya'll can try some later if hell's kitchen is where you want to be

[Verse 2: Nicole Learner]
Breaking down them doors and I'm ready for some more
Action is packed at the finger tips
Have you seen an author with a sword?
Or should I spell it in literary gore
I'm figuratively sore and relatively bored
All this whack shit ya'll keep spreading got me gone
I'm so done, nigga I'm going ham on super saiyan 4
Adversaries roar, I'm pulling out that katana
Call ya ninjas, call your goons
I don't think that you wanna
I'll rip through'em all and send you limbs in the morning
After I'm done, I sip the Folgers to get rid of the yawning
Tongue out like I'm Jordan, more prepared than jonny quest
I stand above the rest, ready to face anything that's next
Manipulating medullas, nigga call me your ruler
I gotta brain so with a gun I wouldn't even have to shoot ya
I'll just post up, fake, then juke ya
Psychologically nuke ya
Then I'm bending ya lady with that mental kama sutra
Then I'll jot it all down in my uncomfortable house
Find a comfortable seat and lean back with a smile
And tell everybody how, I conquered this miserable planet
I'll have a beer, call it a night, and for the evening I vanish

[Verse 3: Nicole Learner]
Next day, I'm back with a vengeance
Sorry if you don't like it or somehow get offended
This my mind's work and ya'll get the first editions
Coming straight to your face, man watch how I kick it
I stick it and move it. See watch how I do it
You solid in state. See me I'm more like fluid
I get what I wanna. Don't tell me I'm can't
I'll never forget how you told me fake facts
You said that I'd never be nothing
Now you mad cause I'm bouta be something?
Walk with my head up high
Until I see a dollar 5
Pick it up and put it in my pocket
Save it for my son, so that he can go to college
Fuck that he gon be a baller
Fuck that he gon be a scholar
Ain't that what we all do
Put shit to side tho we could just do it
Like the company with the swoosh say
Planning to get that shit done tomorrow
But that shit should have got done yesterday
No time to be afraid of what to tomorrow brings
O what yesterday brought
Today I ought to create a new wave
Of enlightment but the rest of yall prolly won't like it
Cause we all more comfortable in the dark right?
That's why its more money thrown at strip clubs that schools and recs right?
We can't handle the sun shining right down on us
Even tho our skin built for it
We tough like ford motors
Only a few out there can take the heat
And know what it means to be in that driver seat
But we all want cars

[Verse 4: NishoSoul]

Moonsault Shawty
Flipping everything, even those car doors we're borrowing
Learning more, learning more, that's word to Cold Train
I told Nic "30 seconds? Nah I want the whole thing"
Ya'll interpret that as you wish
Just a tall titan walking, and that's word to Stik
And don't go heavy on the flow
They're still digesting The Manifest and rightfully so
I write and I go, that's how it be with collabs
2007, I was in Tech sitting in band
Trombone and a plot to scheme in the other hand
Way before I learned about trap lords and motherlands
Submerged in it, I just throw a verse in it
Still going even when the loop ended
Ain't peep Tetsuo, but I know the LuP-End blog gonna bless before March or even April ends
Lawd, that's enough, that's enough
Grade A, this is First Advisory Up, zone...

Is that good Nic, ok cool...

Manifest Season

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