Nutt-So - Funkmaster Flex Diss [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Nutt-So
Album: Funkmaster Flex (Diss)
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

What what?
Who the fuck is Flex

Yeah, yall hear this nigga talking that major shit
In his own hometown though, nigga, that's fake shit
When 'Pac and Biggie died we stayed on some playa shit
Now all of a sudden this nigga wanna ride on us some hatin' shit
Sayin' how the nigga don't fuck with 2Pac
When niggas in your home circle fuck with 2Pac
The East and the West Coast fuck with 2Pac's
Until the end of time we gon' fuck with 2Pac
Talk shit and hide is what ain't gon' do
You can find me in your face spitting anger juice
With them bangers loots for the dangers crew
Fucking up the night like us gangstas do
I'm your ghost in the night, make and hang in your noose
Sparking up the nights is what them thangs gon' do
You come back to the West is what you ain't gon' do
You best tryna meet me on paper view
You didn't wanna see 'Pac in his physical form
That's why you ass talking shit, nigga, after he's gone
I thought the bitch nigga bit his tongue
But when I re-heard it I was like, "come on, son"
He hopped off 'Pac starting sucking on Biggie dick
Sweeter than a pop-tart, man, you believe that shit?!
It ain't gon' be who shot ya when you ass get hit
You can blame it on West Coast smash and shit
Cause me and my packing niggas be coming attacking niggas
Be running up jacking niggas and whacking the clacking niggas
We out the niggas that they think we're some rapping niggas
Before you start yapping, nigga, you better go get ya back up, nigga
I'm hacking niggas and rat-tat-ing these niggas
Like clack clack this nigga like backslapping this nigga
For yap yappin in a leopard livin' in yappet
Now you gotta deal with the livin', nigga, what's happenin'?
Up in Manhattan when you throwing my set up
In front of Bad Boy Entertainment throwing the West up
I guess again it's time to make a nigga respect us
Cause now that 'Pac gone nigga throwin his chest up
The West up, now nigga, what's next?
How can a nigga with no muscle nigga be called Flex?
Tryna build record sales, nigga, I ain't buyin
You response should be an apology, we still ain't buyin'
Consequences of a real nigga, whip till he's wet up
My competition, nigga, find 'em, it's a hit from the neck up
I'm on a kind of mission ripping your set up
But won't stop spitting clips until that AK let up
DJ? Yeah, stands for Dead Jockey
So nigga watch ya head cause what you said was sloppy
Funky ass nigga, you starvin' probably
You ain't a master, you'se a carbon copy
The F stands for faggot, nigga, feelin' the pain
And the L is for his character, nigga is lame
The E's for the extra weight the nigga being gained
Then the S is what we used to walk out that nigga name
Sparking the flame like darts at a frame
His next interview it gon' be talking in pain
Yeah nigga, you ain't boss in the game
Doing shit like that proved you lost in the game
When Biggie died West Coast radio played him
Now this nigga wanna lie, man, this nigga is crazy
Now can nothin' save him, warnin' shots done grazed him
He like a predator done, Niggas is hittin' it from every angle
When 'Pac died he thought he was over, right?!
But thugs don't die, bitch nigga, we multiply
I been a outlaw, I chose to ride
And go out the way I'm supposed to die
Put the death to Makaveli, nigga know how to handle that
Dress in AK's like Suge with a battle axe
Check my stats and that's actual fact
Then while police was bullshit and I was looking for white Cadillac
Imagine that nigga coming at you clacking that
Tryna get at you with that yappin' ass
I got platinum plaques and platinum gats
And young goons on call to hand your hat
Stand back

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