Powerule - Gots Ta Get This [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Powerule
Album: Volume 1
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

*30 seconds of talking*

[Large Professor]
I hit the first level where I found several
Skins that were ripple, but one made me think
About becoming one link
Hmmm, she acted like her shit didn't stink
But Large Professor is my name
I had the game and I could tell she was a stuck-up dame
But I had to captivate, she gave a grin that was bait
So I didn't hesitate to mate
I did a ??? to her and then
My man Vandimater said "Yo Professor you in"
I said, "What's up, can I become your friend?"
She said, "Oh no question" I'm in
A thought in my head so I captain to said
"Am I good for your number, on the down under?"
She not only gave me the digits
But a note that said quote "Whatever I'm with it"
Cool Breeze pulled her with ease
But I was thinking about pulling more G's
I slid with the note and saw another girl that was
Checking in the pit so I decided to flew
To her, she was vicious, if I describe her she seemed ficticious
She was headed upstairs, and after my analysis
I said to Van "Yo I got to get this"

[Prince Power]
Puff light up, and I'm ready to swing
But I'm stepping to the salsa style type of thing
Girls dancing, high heels and short skirts
Man, you should have seen the bodies work
But I was hooked on the look of the last one
She had the sass and flash, she had fast ones
Gave her a glimpse, a grin, and a smile
You know the style
She came easy and sexing up my whole brain
But still in all, y'all, my calm was maintained
Kicking it in Spanish, saying "Te amo" and "I need ya"
Mami, yo, I'll never mislead ya
A little kiss on the neck and she was melting
Now I'm down for the round and I'm delting
Got the number and a kiss for my hard work
Red lipstick on the collar of my new shirt
And all the strife for the man that does it right
So my trip from the neighborhood was a good night
Yeah, another hooker for the list
And I gots to get this

[El' Fishbone]
Slid to the third where the reggae jam slam and jam
I see this girl that I wanna ram
So I move over swiftly to kick her the gift, see
Cause in my eyes yo she wants me
I introduce myself, the next move is to dance
Jump, spread out, I got my hands on her biker pants
Now it's time for conversation, the girl is Hatian
Giving me some shit like she's basing
Cause I'm the man that hits with the tight grip
Skins on my list ??? all backs and they call the crib
Don't front on El' Fishbone, Don Juan
Cause I move bitches through my fingers like a metal baton
Bagged her up and said "Call me tonight"
It's cool, cause I know how to use my tool
Slipped me a code, that's the end of the episode
Off I rode, I don't want to overload
And yo, I couldn't resist, like gorillas in the mist
Ayo ayo, I gots to get this

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