Privaledge - Shitted on Em [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Privaledge
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1:Privaledge]

Yo, I said back up on my body shit
Like I ain't' even body it
The Maserati doors flip back, like a karate kick
I got to get that and party with that
And prolly with the same ones
I come in this game with, Im Mobbin' with
All my niggas thorough from DC, to Cali shit
V-A to P-A, to G-A to D-E, to D-A
Want to catch a nigga, seats and body slit
Circle so tight
Its even harder to get out of it
People say I'm border line crazy
But I'm proud of it,Everyday I'm destined to be
They couldn't swallow it, the hollow shit
A double barrow pump
Will get him out of it
50 Caliber Magazines couldn't model it
A monument, I stand tall
Something like I'm Solomon
Cop is trying to see my Facebook, so they follow em'
All up on Myspace, the fuck out of my face
Been repping 5'2 ever since I was 5'8
5'6 to 5'2 the 40 divide you
According to Sky Blue, now he repping that Piru
Shorty is Pi too, He don't want it with my crew
You ain't' got to fuck with dennis rodman, to die dude
I play the side, they wanted me as pimping
I told I'm a ball, somebody must have been tripping
Somebody must have been sipping
The same niggas looking at me now
Like damn I knew that nigga was shittin'
But I'm spittin' real rap
Got a fake nigga shivering, cause all them punchlines
Hit the skies for the bitching, look at how we living
No chef up in the kitchen, but bitches be over three times a week making chicken
Learn how to rap in the hood, I seen a vision
Everybody slacked in the hood, but I had a mission
Now giving back to the hood is my ambition
So why I live back in the hood, be like an engine
I don't understand that, I don't follow, I be trending
Give a model my opinion, one that I ain't' even have to share
Black Suit, Vladimir, Pen stripe like the magic wear
Thunder Game, They think I'm wearing the magic gear
Court side every game, that ass appear
After the game, Disappear, that's magic yeaah
Still fuck with the same niggas that got me here
And I even on yet, look at how im doin yet
Am I drawn yet? reading paper like a comic
Look at how they made the beat, look at how im on it
Corner-back, I'm a quarter back catching all of that
Wide-receiver still running thinking that I love to bat

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]

Uh, Hannibal Lector pressure inside my veins
You nothing but a tangible wrestler
Stressed to entertain, I intertwine
With rhymes while circling candles in the rain
Cause a seance, call my great aunt
And tell her im insane
I love the night life, Dracula, e-parasite, where my fangs
Knowing my vice, advice giving by killers who obtain
Bullets and dice, gamble with it
Put dentures on your name
Price on your head
Sell it for cheap, like an eBay domain !
Blucker, ey fucker ! my pedigree might fuck ya !
No homo, take yo logo, and yo promo to an usher
To walk it down them church pews
I killed it had a curfew
A 6 p.m, a black p.m
That's all they seen, I tucked a murder weapon in my brain
My nigga, you know the drama I bring
Clinically Saddam Hussein
While fucking on the dom hoissain
Thas a famous bitch
Now tell me who you hangin with
Its a privaledge
To fuck with kendrick and kevin durant on some gansta shit

[Kendrick] shitted on em......maaaannn

And I take my time, to write these lines
Only aliens can see the signs
Jupiter's intruder, I'm, looking for another universe
To climb


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