Quinten Wells - Spring Cleaning (prod. by Taylor King) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Quinten Wells
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[prod. by Taylor King]

[Spring Cleaning]

Uh, I've been having a lot of anxiety lately
Uhm, it feels like my heart is vibrating and it won't stop. It doesn't stop
I go to sleep and I can still feel it
I rarely sleep any ways so I guess it doesn't matter
It just feels like I' drowning, falling, the earth is crumbling beneath me
All that cliche shit
I'm angry. God I'm angry. I'm paranoid
I fuckin hate it. I hate feeling like I don't have control over how I feel
It's kinda like I can't help it
I really don't wanna talk about it anymore, you think we can just like watch some t.v.?

(t.v. clicks on)
Yeah, it's whatever

[Avatar: The Last Airbender]

Thai Lee: What are you doing?

Zukko: What does it look like I'm doing?

Thai Lee: It's a painting of your family

Zukko: You think I care?

Thai Lee: I think you do

Zukko: You don't know me. So why don't you just mind your own business?

Quinten: This is actually like, one of my favorite episodes. It speaks a lot

Thai Lee: I know you

Zukko: No you don't! You're stuck in your little Thai Lee world, where every things great all the time. For so long I thought that if my dad accepted me I'd be happy. I'm back home now, my dad talks to me. Ha! He even thinks I'm a hero! Every thing should be perfect right? I should be happy now. But, I'm not! I'm angrier then ever and I don't know why

Azula: There's a simple question you need to answer then. who are you angry at?

Zukko: No one! I'm just angry!

I done got a lotta shit on my mind
I done got a lotta shit on my chest
Wonder why my throat close up when I'm speakin
Feelin like I might die for a start peekin

So before the reaper come and start reapin
Imma have to get it out right now
Spring cleanin (2x)

[Verse 1]
I done got a lotta things on my mind
Think it's time that I clean house

I done been so high for a minute
Can we please take a second
I just wanna feel my feet down

I the weight room lettin go of stress
Chest still heavy as a motherfucka
Taking deep breathes like a muther fucka

Hyperventilatin like a mutherfucka
Talkin in the mirror like be real with me motherfucka
All the shit I'm hearin is the fear in these motherfuckas

I can see it in they eyes
Don't trust em
Paranoia all up in my mind
Don't trust em
Imma come back give it time
Don't rush me
You know I know you just want the new shit
The music make the whole crew lose it
God damn
Even though they know that I can do it
They still want me to prove it
Well pass the mic
I can rap about a few things
That you might like
I done fucked yo bitch at least once or twice
What's wrong?
Man I thought you wanted that real
Losing all control like Jesus take the wheel
But ya boy crashed and he almost died still
You rollin with me
Better know what my type do
Do as I do
You be fuckin with the whole crew
Not a typo
Yes I mean what I say

Me and C-Love always fuckin with bae
I said bruh
You really need to get out the way
Then he began to say the same
And he was up in my face
Little did we know the bitch was plottin and schemin
We found that shit out
And now we looking like equals
Now we got her on the run
She be bobbin and weavin
And bae now stands for bitches are evil
And the crew is still in tact
No a pussy can't defeat us
Nigga damn

I got arrested bout a week ago
And now that all these people know
They lookin at me different

I told my mamma I was trippin
Tryna get the money
So that I could go to college
She won't have to lift a finger

Can you blame me
For wanting the same things
That these rich kids have?
Longboards from Arbor
Stay at home dads
I don't got that shit

Nike five point o's
And they counting o's all up on they checks
They ain't work for it

Fuck I'm just a kid too
And what the fuck do kids do man
They watch cartoons

Spring break is over

And I still got a messy ass room

I forgot to do all my spring cleaning

[Avatar: The Last Airbender]

Zukko: I'm just angry!

Mai: Yeah. Who are you angry at Zukko?

Zukko: Everyone! I don't know!

Azula: Is it dad?

Zukko: No, no

Thai Lee: Your uncle?

Azula: Me?

Zukko: No! n- no, no!

Mai: Then who? Who are you angry at?

Azula: Answer the question Zukko!

Thai Lee: Talk to us!

Mai: C'mon, Answer the question!

Azula: C'mon, answer it!

Zukko: I'm angry at myself!

Azula: Why?

Zukko: Because I'm confused. Because I'm not sure I know the difference between right and wrong anymore

Azula: You're pathetic

(t.v. shuts off)

The wind in my face am I falling?
The water is deep am I drowning?
Is god on the phone is he calling?
They told me that man was my father
Well tell me then why is he gone?
I guess the preacher was wrong
Always had the t.v. on
And all that shit was doing was just leading me on
I need some fuckin help boi

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