Real Husbands of Hollywood - Cypher 2013 [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Real Husbands of Hollywood
Data wydania: 2013-10-15
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: DJ Drama

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Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Kevin Hart]
The cypher start, but it can't start without a sound
Drama give me that sound, JB lets go

[Verse 1: JB Smoove]
Yo son you wanna see me?
Take out your smartphones and IMDb me
I'm the real homie for the show
Ask me wife Shah she'll let you know
Dont question me, you better act like you heard
Had enthusiasm, Im a movie for a curl
Cartoon voices I bring to life
Robot Chicken, Black Dynamite
A show called The League and one called Bent
That's not my resume, it's only a [?]
Bouta get paid, it's season 3
With JB on BET
I don't wanna, and I won't quit
JB Smoove is the motherfu-
(Inaudible) Im amazing
People be like JB Smoove you so crazy
Don't hold me back I'm about to get ill
JB Smoove is motherfucking real

[Verse 2: Duane Martin]
Last year, breakaway suit
New gear, breakaway boots
If I gotta drive, gotta breakaway roof
When I get hot got the breakaway tooth
Breakaway show, Breakaway spoof
I'm from Brooklyn so you know I'm about the truth
Yo, we so hot, other networks not
Started from the bottom, now we at the top
Real Husbands got the number one spot!
Man I'm so conceited, other shows can seed it

[Verse 3: Boris Kodjoe (Translated)]
Born in the year of Ox, 1973
Mother is German, the father from Ghana, Africa
Then off to America, a dream, hard to grasp, until I got here
No regrets, it's a blessing, hear a message
In my native language, all these fools don't know what I'm saying
Checking those subtitles or watching that old show (Oooh)s
Who's the tallest, the balers with the flawers
Working with finest, half the [?]
Half the wifest
The German chocolate The ab protecter
Teach all of you some culture facts
Hollywood, real dummy? Hollywood is Hollywood
They call us mitches with attitudes
Who's day? Who ya think? It's Kev, it makes him feel good

[Verse 4: Nick Cannon]
I guess Nelly said it's hot in herre cause Kev took his shirt off
Question for his chest though, how you get that bird off
Kevin Hart definition of a jerk-off
Chocolate drop your name is Hershey squirt off
Both mitches, tryin to get this work off
Rappin, that shit had a twerk- off
I'm a tell you like this real nice
Manner a fact we gon' have a battle tonight
I'm better than all of ya'll
On top, like a satellite
Better yet none of ya'll even had a wife
You brought knives to a motherfucking cannon fight
I done told you, I had them right?
If you wanna get with it then spit it, facial expression
Look like you just shitted
To all these people goin' Sucka, Sucka, Sucka
Never liked you anyway
You pretty motherfucker

I thought we was all together tonight...

[Verse 4: Nelly]
[?] I'm the one they expect to spit
No boss this far, no Ross, no Rick
K-I-N-G, shout out to Tip
The only rapper in this bitch no disrespect to Nick
Kevin think he all tall and all
Real Husband in Hollywood no wife at all
Above the rim before Dwayne before he could crawl
Still foolin before Duane was tall
Not all, but here's the news
Pick em up and drop me off the school
Larry David made JB Smoove
No JB hang with me now JB's cool
You got a fool in your crew?
Please my whole crew is a fool
Season 1 was the shit, it cool
Season 2 shit was renewed
Keep that to yourself
Watch me as I pet the wealth
Step back in a Versace scarf and
No tip no bif no barf
What you say?, check the mines
Cause those pants are leather
They sure look nice

Check it, they say they save the best for last, lets get it

[Verse 5: Kevin Hart]
We wearing white cause doves cry
This ain't yo alibi
Smack yo girl and say ha ha
Take it back cause I wanna say bye
Saw you last week didn't like your face
Saw you this week I the same place
That mean I don't travel
That mean I stay in the same place
Got your spit in your face
Got your girl lookin at, she wearing all lace
Buck, Buck, Bink, Bink, thats a gun homie
Look at you now what you wanna do now, run homie
I'm mad, I'm glad, at the same time feeling all sad
I miss my dad
That pops shit that shit make me mad
But I'm back to being a real nigg-
Spittin like I'm Tommy Hilfiger
Didn't like my clothe so I took it off
Now look at me
Cough Cough
That mean I'm sick
I'm cooler than the quick
Like Hammer, but I can dance smooth
I'm looking at you and JB Smooth
One, One homie
That's Bobby Brown homie
Yeah hes the king
Im doing this because hes a chicken wing
Im on fire now
Man look at me, put me out now
[?] This sound won't stop
At the end of the days its jock drop you man!

[Outro: Kevin Hart]
Man I miss my dad yo....

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