Rez - New Religion [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Rez
Data wydania: 2013-11-21
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

I'm grinding til a get shot, clips the size of missiles
Ripping mics from here to Dakota, my malice always an issue
Dropping adlibs over classics, madlibs for the masses
I want the coupe, and on top that, white range like the Mavericks
These rappers is played out off of rhymes that we played off
I lend em a new flow and they steal it like Madoff
I'm like fuck it I got ample. My clique poppin like Snapple tops
Pop and lock, flow so cold confused whether I'm hot or not
I'm sick over keys, a bulimic John Legend
But my whole team winning, fans love em like he Kevin
Reciting verses for the children next I'm spitting for the reverend
Finger poppin instrumentals, slinging words like number 7
Sell it off to the fiends split the profit with my brethren
Expanding my net worth while expanding my network
Maybe takeover like big Hov and see what them Nets worth
They wanna fuck with the kid then I'm calling Chris Hansen
And if they infiltrate the line then I'm taking em for ransom
Like "hello officer I'm killing rappers off at random
Dead bodies in 4 mansions now listen before my train of thought crashes
I'm requesting 5 MILFs flashing bumper to bumper like human trafficking
22 seconds or I'm sending careers rappelling rapidly"
Ever since I was ye' high, I studied styles from Compton to Bedstuy
Freelancin. Visioning millions before my peers collect their masters
Plotting in history, ironically studying the classics
Blueprinting how I'mma drop a Illmatic for the masses
I'm a murderer of many facets, put me on any tracklist
They challenging the throne? Then I'm lining up the caskets
It's critical they recognize a god MC
I'm god like he, from NYC
And Stokes be over keys like Swizzy, we Eric B
The deadliest combo since Snoop and Dre in 93
Pockets on band practice, got the bleachers out
Drop my tape and bring the speakers out
Rez at the mic is probably a new prophecy so when I'm reciting, kick the preachers out
Equivalent of Joseph's son on these verses
Churches, kick the deacons out new prophecies when I'm rehearsing
Cursing, switching flows competition could only hope to throw
Lyrics is gorgeous, gorges when I recite 16s off triple beams
Dope fiending to collect my cream
But even with third eyes, metaphors not what they seem
My IQ got me high enough to fall out the sky twice
And land on your favorite rapper's instrumental and go ginsuh
Chop it into 2 and 3s til they proclaim Rez to be 2-3
Then switch it up, call Wan G with the 4-5
Keep my recitals in ziplocs. It's that dope
Throw me in a cypher with any rhymer I'll put my verse in a chokehold
Hold...I said lines ago I'm the new era's Joseph's son
What's 4th coming? Beyond Reasonable Doubt, Im the chosen one
I said it's like, dancing with the devil and I got two left feet
All I got is these punch lines like the new Ali
I'm tryna be 23. The Mike Jordan of this rap thing
Climbing up the food chain carrying clips and caskets
Murdering rappers that's average, spitting verses that's classics
They use to put me behind the scenes like ad libs
.....But then I got active and now the competition past tense
So on beats they scared to go in like adolescents when its past 10
So these niggas'll never pass him got the key to this rap thing
I'm head shootin they ducking
I took the game now I run it
They should know the name by now. Save the PSAs and introductions
I figured I rap good. I mean well, well I'm good enough. If they don't pass me the torch I'm stealing it 'fore Stokes make a fuss

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