Rockets Crew Outlaws - HAMitches [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Rockets Crew Outlaws
Album: The Outlandish Pilots
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Mars Blackman

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Young Jay]
Mars Blackman
Silence the muhfuckin lambs, I'm a cannibal looking for animals
Open ya top like Campbell's can of soup, bustin melons like cantaloops
Oops I said that wrong huh based god cooking that wonton my bitch from Hong Kong
Take mi long cock down her esophagus, niggas better acknowledge this
Hot shit i spit like syphillis on my lips agh
Eyes low, I'm lifted off of that piff agh i am that
N agh gee gee agh all over yo bitch walls Mona Lisa
Stop it Jay
Been gettin fly realized these niggas be coppin ock shit around the holidays
In my closet there's a lot of jays
And I sip ace and play spades with a AK where my dick lay
Pencil sharper than a switchblade and this haze got my mind in another place
Startin to fall in love with twitter bitches, stripper bitches
Goin instahamm listen man, I'm the mutherfuckin man
Open up ya mind and think for a minute
It's been a minute since i stepped in it, now I'm back on my shit
Like a laxitve in a pepto bismol, uh, young retro nigga
For dolla billas my niggas banana clip peel ya

[Verse 2: Zanyx]
Third eye wide and its guiding me to the top
I see through lies, fake guys in disguise get dropped
Do me dirty? I'll rip your soul out ya chest
Where you sleep will be where you take ya last breath
I'm a misfit addicted to bitches, fuck em then explore the rest on some scientist shit
The only thing on my mind is reaching success
These rappers ain't shit like the food I digest
Got arrested for molesting the beat viciously
Attempted murder for every rapper that tried dissing me
Im a lyrical criminal, I'm fucking reaching my pinnacle these faggots aren't original
All these rappers are typical
Rapping about shit that's fictional
Once i step in the booth I become invincible
Nobody can ever stop me I'm an incredible individual
Smoking kush cause its medicinal
RCO fuck whos ever hating just remember our lyrics are printable

[Verse 3: Zay Rondon]
I've been a smug cat since I was a rugrat
When it came to rhymes I extract in a snap
So many verses written you'd think I studied the bible
I'm just a Biggie disciple that got lypo
Style still fatter than a black grandma's batter
But ain't shit sweet so enough with the chatter
The menace getting lettuce, fuckin duh beetches like its Venice
Talent never rented, just rendered from my body's attic
No Anne Frank, I ain't hiding from a gas tank
Instead I'm driving drunk while getting crunk to DJ Unk
We beating down ya block, no pedestrian safe
Obliterate em with shock, so don't get offended with this ear rape
I plan to erase any tear space so pass the beer case
Clorox in a shot cup, but we still straight
Tolerance levels is just getting obnoxious
I'm automatically wild it's programmed in my subconscious

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