Salud - Devil in a New Dress (Freestyle) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Salud
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Mornings I wake up, I feel the world has clowned us
Can't believe we try to live when life hasn't found us
Cram us, Scamn us, reprimand abd then damn us
One look and then they brand us
They don't wanna understand us
Race, class and sex, parent's from Iran huh?
Niggas from the land of oil and sand huh?
None of these suits in polished boots can really stand us
Regardless of what it says on the passport
The brimstone is heated by the voice of the phoenix
The light of the genius shines bright from the fetus
The future of man is being born from his Thetis
But by the time he can crawl -- he's an orphan in the street it's
The way that they treat us
Feed us just to bleed us
The news want to lead us and the leaders want to greet us
Big smiles, Shake hands, kiss babies nice to meet ya
It's my honor to serve ya, my word is yours, they beseech us
Parasites pocketed, Lobbyist doctrines
Alone or bipartisan, the people out of a partnership
Two boxes, two names but it's two face, the same game, the same brain
Money laundering
Non-stop profiting, Non-stop marketing
A vote for the leeches
As a service to peoples
A wink and they leave us
While city falls to pieces
While the world yearns, burns, churns its ashes in a urn
I'm in a daze, smoked up and wrapped in a blaze
Kidnapped, doped up and trapped in a maze
What I wanna be and what the world would rather me be
Lost in the desert and they feedin' salt water too me
Living off my own sweat, drink it from my own lips
I can taste it, life being wasted
Different dimensions, pushing me down into submission
Serpico, they want me to play their position
Too many goals for one mission, maybe there's no mission
I can't make this decision
Label man told me sit down and listen
Music's just business, you just need an image
You just need a gimmick
Gangster, hipster, backpacker, thrasher, beef with all the other rappers
Bastard, wanted me to call him master
Imma rip through him like a natural disaster
Aha -- that's just a joke cause you can't really beat em
They livin' in our shadows so if we shine, we feed em
Everyday we please em, our taxes or it's treason
Blackwater congress, education for monstera
I don't believe in no illuminati nonsense
But I know that the system's trying to hold us bondage
Different dresses but it's the same damned mistress
Different dreams, cashing in to make a little business

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