Seagram - S.E.A.G. and Yuk is Ridin' [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Seagram
Album: Souls on Ice
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

*(Seagram talking)*

Break these mutha fuckas off
You know what I'm saying?

Verse 1 *(Seagram)*

It's the Seagsta
Rollin late
Patrolin interstates
Holdin a Mac-8
Says, "Niggas got to face"
The Golden State
Lookin for drug corriors and employers to destroy us
They confiscate your pape's and your narcotics
Niggas gettin took like antibiotics
Then dumped like toxic
Then erased off the planet
By the bandit leave you stranded empty handed the way I planned it
Damn it feels good to be a jacker
No longer a stragler
Knockin out more factors than Haglar
It's the number one playa hata
An while you talkin about me punks
I'm fuckin off yo paper
Major lick is in progress
So I sugguest you go into hidin
Cuz S.E.A.G. & Yuk Is Ridin
On a mission like Apollo 13
Hollows in the AR-15 nigga
You know the team

Verse 2 *(Yukmouth)*

We from that Vill mutha fuckas
Time to rob an steal mutha fuckas grip
Peel mutha fuckas wit the four-fifth, unload the whole clip an leave a mutha
Fucka stiff
(quick to) pull licks
An jack shit
He got scratch wit gats under the matress (whoa!)
Tell me the mutha fuckin ac'rate directions
To the Rolex's safe
Flexin a weapon in yo face
Enough to make a nigga shit in his drawls
Here take it, it's ya'lls
Then got attacked by a big ass dog
Rotwiler, bitin locked on my arm, no
Seag shot the chopper til it let my arm go
Cuz it's mo drama than an Opera
Duct tape him up propa
Then put him in the trunk of the fuckin Mazda
Straight hoorida
6-5 Mobbsta
Eatin lobsta
Now we livin like the Godfatha
Holla at yo potna
We gettin off zips for 6
An kicks
To break down the bricks
Major chips nigga, then split bitch!

Chorus *(Seagram & Yukmouth)*

If mo-nay ain't makin mo-nay
Ya straight breakin mo-nay off
[To floss because it cost to be the boss.]
Who's the mizan wit the master plan?
[Ain't nothin but sweat inside our hands.]

Verse 3 *(Seagram)*

I gots to holla at my peoples Yuk
Cuz these ese's was bustin at a nigga by the burrito truck
The amigo struck
Jumped in a 7-duce Mally
Assassin's blastin to retire me
Expire me
But I returned his fire G
Inquires of what's goin on
Hit Yuk on the phone
Meet me in the Vill, nigga it's on

Verse 4 *(Yukmouth)*

At 2 O'clock
I threw the Glocks in the GTO
Meet peoples
Gotta mobb wit the Y.G.T.O
Only one fold
Like Commando strapped wit ammo
Light 'em up
Blow 'em out like candles
Handle the business left only one witness
So we can get this
Ese we got fo randsom off our shit list
Or get yo mutha fuckin wig split
We want 3 mill tickets an if there's funk then niggas deal wit it

Verse 5 *(Seagram)*

It's on mutha fuckas you've been done by the enforcer
Pullin no shorts
He'll die slow
Of torture
Scorch your homie wit hot grease tiger
Or pull out his dick an burn his shit wit a lighter

Verse 6 *(Yukmouth)*

I got a page from the amigo
He said we go way back, I got half the scratch an the rest is kilos
So we go
Meet up at Denny's an Erie's to exchange thangs
Don't try to mutha fuckin gang bang

Verse 7 *(Seagram)*

Now everything went as planned
Got the mail and the yayo in our mutha fuckin hands
We gon' keep our side of the mutha fuckin bargin
You're homies in a trunk off of Caddy on Harmon

Verse 8 *(Yukmouth)*

On my way to the East wit my Oakland ass grammar
Seag bought a house off the beach up in Tampa
Makin cream like Hammer
Had to expand from the land
Wit scrilla up in our pants
On the fa reala understands me??!!!
One time fo tha 9
Two times fo tha trigga
From the.... VILLA

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