Severe The Mc - From a birds eye [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Severe The Mc
Data wydania: 2014-03-27
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Yon P

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse One - XP]
See I would die before my son became a bastards son
We used to play around the block
Where the dealers used to stash the guns
We grew up learning shit like homie pass the blunt
I gotta change the cycle
Homie tell me what you living for
We set sail with a blueprint to reach the shores
We used to fighting for our own
In hopes that we don't die alone
Only time when my people look like professionals is
Either in a court room
Or a casket with they body froze
Suited up /for the main event
My kin spread the heaven sent
Rain dance on em and speak a heavens chant
With no chance in hell to ever take it back
Fade the black/to white/Ill meet you in the afterlife
And get the green light to whoop that ass
In front of Jesus Christ
So who's the nicest
Use as a Indian would treat the bison
My sacrifices/would leave em shook
Never knew the guts and glory that it really took
They told me not gaze down/but Took a second look
Came along way/from my future/d boy or crook
Now we up here on cloud 9
This is something I'm used to/
Having birds eye

[Verse Two - Severe]
I grab a 40 from the liquor store
Hit up xp record music trying to ignore
What really brewing my life I know
There always gonna be a rock bottom if
Your just a rolling stone
I make this music to escape my own
I make music cause I feel its home
Knocked on the door seems like they switched the locks
Fuck it ill be back .. and im a own the block
Polluted as water yea I know but im a own a yacht
And im a lounge while yall still tripping on my fucking sound
Yon p on the beat yea still fucking around
Repping for the love I found
A hip hop seed but a seed don’t stay underground
Nor does it last forever someone will cut it down
Leave songs like peddles as they hit the ground
Forever live im far from dying out
My candles lit with out
Any of yall sparking now
Shout out to werd hit the black an mild
Wait till I drop dirtnaps
Like body's in coffins
Fresh nailed boxes
Been digging these graves
Counting down on the day
Independent since day one wasn't born to be slaved
And not fucking with me was your biggest mistake

_Dirtnaps Coming soon

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