SHARMA - Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe/ Rack City - Mixtape verses. [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: SHARMA
Data wydania: 2014-01-14
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Sounwave, DJ Mustard

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Tekst piosenki

Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe
Lyrics By: Sharma

All they kept telling me is that I´ll never make it
Okay so I´ll fake it till I make i get naked
Run down the street, not giving a fuck, baring my butt cos fuck society
No one´s ever gonna get a grip of my nuts, I won´t back down, nor would I sell out to become a clown like the clowns on TV

Where´s Paula Deen, can this ho fit inside a size forty-four jeans
She gave America a sugar high, Bitch I hope you eat a Big Mac, choke on it and die
You’re not Demi Lovato, but you’re fat, you’re gonna have a heart attack so bitch put down that wrap

See I ain't no motherfuckin diddy and i gotta be witty and i gotta be shitty and you gotta be pretty
Anyways show me them titties , If you wanna get giddy, get ready you
Oughta gotta get giddy giddy head , if you wanna give me head
Wanna strip down, lay down get naked in the bed
I'm a man with a plan for a one-night stand
Fuck using my hand Katy Perry said that I fuck better than Russell Brand, Russell Peter and Russell Crowe
How does she know -, she’s not ho , but I love ho's, everybody put your hands over your head and break your neck and say Jai Ho!
(*** end of fast section)

So hey ho I don’t pay ho’s, here's the deal though, I'm an A-Hole
Won’t pay you a dime, even if you were dying as you were trying to stand in a line to find a Tampon

I'm fucking serious
Bitch I'm pissed off like Judge Judy on her periods
When I was a kid, I was a rebel without a cause, I'm 58 now, suffering from diarrhea and menopause, You don't like me? Nor do I, press pause

So call me crazy
Bithc I'm like a PMSING ovulating Jay-Z, I have a crush on the first lady
I’ll bite a dog give it a rabies, I’ll drag it under the car, and run it over with a stolen Mercedes, cos fuck you P.E.T.A
You guys kill more animals then you save, I mean god dammit you’re like a god damn animal AL-QUEDA

So let me be straight up
Lemme make a call to Michelle Obama, Fly her out to Bahamas
Have a drink with Dalai Lama, and Skype back to the white house with Obama, Bam Bam we got a problem! What? I found Osama

( Music stops)

What you thought they Killed Bin Laden , Nope they just let loose the killer for Trayvon Martin

(I get serious and out of the comedic mode for a little but extremely passionate)
And Music comes back in but its milder)

It's not the white people or the brown people or the blacks who are racists
It all really depends on how you were raised as kids by your parents and
This attitude transcends generations and the problem is multiplied with the lack of some real fucking education and
Racism continues to last, Why are we stuck in the past

We fight, We don't unite, 1 black president alone cannot change our fucking lives, The change has to come from within
We need to learn to look beyond the color of our skins

(Music resumes its normal volume and I switch right back into the comedic mode)

Wait did I get too boring?
Of course I did look at
My manager who is snoring
He keeps telling me to tone it down
You want me tone it down? & go and be a clown, Don't listen to me, Listen to Fine China
Rihanna vagina beater Chris brown

Why’s music filled with so much crap
Just got the new Tyga album it sucked
Bitch I want my money back!

( The beat switches to Tyga’s Rack city instantly and my attitude gets more menacing, I have proven my flow by now and also justified that I’m a decent intelligent guy with the whole racism bit- so now I go full out and it becomes more menacing)

I'm gangsta as fuck
Damn Right I’m gonna diss Tyga on his own track
If content is key these rappers are locked
There music sucks so much cock
It's like watching
Perez Hilton trynna give himself a blowjob
Yeah Call me show off, but I can't help it
Bitch I'm the best brown prostitute in town, go ask your mother or yelp it

Fuck trynna blend, all my life I had no friends
I know I got a loud mouth
So I stick out, Like Ron Jeremy with his dick out
I want to kidnap Oprah Winfrey and make out order the bitch some Indian take out
Then kick her out move to Austin, get her pregnant tell Rick Perry to conduct an abortion. He needs to get into Frank Ocean, this backward motherfucker’s got a problem legislating gay marriage
Why the fuck was he even born, I wish his mom fell down the stairs and had a muh fucking miscarriage, I mean God damnit

So do what you wanna do, do who you wanna do , screw who you wanna, screw
I just Don't want you to be afraid to be yourself and just be you

I just want to jack off to dreams of Hillary Clinton naked in a victories' secret thong
Making out with Rick Ross on a George Michael song with Miley Cyrus playing topless beer pong shaking her titties getting her groove on
This cheap slut can go for five bucks with a cheap rug on Groupon
I'll do her with my ding dong, and smack that ass like Akon
Record it upload it on Youporn , I don’t know whats going on, I'm spazzing out, All I know is I wanna nail Stacey and her mom, I know it might be wrong, but hey who gives a fuck just cum with me and sing along

Chorus x2

Sharma Sharma Why you so dope, Sharma Sharma I love your flow
Sharma Sharma you drive me crazy Sharma Sharma I want you baby

Resume last and final Verse /Finale

Fuck a punch line I spit punch verses
I’ll Spit you in the face like that bitch Justin in person
I Don't give a fuck what Beliebers say
I'm tired of this muhfucking generation knowing who Miley Cyrus is but not Bob Marley
I swear to god these teens have an ear infection
Like One Direction just fucked them in the ear with no protection
I bet Taylor swift gets an erection every time someone mentions my name
I'm tired of every track on every album sounding the same
The radio being lame
So fuck your permission, I’m handing you the decision
Bitch I am the latest, the greatest contender in the list of for those who will go down in the history for being the greatest
You swag rappers come dime a dozen like some second hand mediocre shit- I bought my mother on craigslist
I'm tired of Rappers being average, 2-Chainz can, dress up in an apron, some make up and lip stick, get his dick slit wear a pink gown and pink undies and make me a sandwich
I wonder how his head is gonna look in my fridge, Bitch
This is my arrival; I'll stab you in the fucking asshole and give you 1 % chance of survival
They say hip hops got no hope, it's hit an all time low, It'll make a Recovery (Eminem album name) yo
So might as well stop bitching its dying
Just listen to me flow or go Get Rich Or Die Trying
(50 cent album name)
I'm gonna make Biggie and Pac proud
There might be some Reasonable Doubt
(Jay-Z album name)
But I got All Eyez On Me (2 pac album) and I'm ready to die
( Biggie Smalls album)
Like hungry wolf, I must make it to survive
So I’m running at this game with a knife
Bitch I’m here to claim my stake in the game, I came from India with a dream and an aim, Hip Hop is never gonna be the same, I’m bout to piss on these rappers who’ve put hip hop to shame and put out the flame on wocka flocks name - So
I’m going to show you how great I am like Mohammad Ali
Its 4th of July up in here plus DIWALI
So Do what you can but I cannot be stopped, you’re dealing with a force that will crush the roars and soar to the top and this is hip hop- either you make it or you flop – Like 50 I showed you how to rob

Watch me tumble these rappers as they jumble and fumble struggle to mumble but won’t be able to say shit. Bitch I just took hip hop by storm and told it to suck my fucking dick

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