Sik Kid - Rap God Remix/Cover [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Sik Kid
Data wydania: 2013-10-26
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

Sik God
I thought ya'll knew that my name was Sik God, Sik God
'bout to blow up like I'm the Hancock, Hancock
Someone put Oprah's hands on my damn cock, damn cock
I am a Rap God and I just can't stop, can't stop
I'm naked and I'm in a bathtub and I'm in bath salts and I'm messed up
Stick a knife inside your butt and I pull out your guts
And make a decapitated head suck my nuts
I'm twisted, you think different? I think not
I'm a jerking-naut, jerkling, squash trying to beat the clock
Cause the time is rip this beast slipping on me
I'mma light that mattress on fire
You're a [?] uh
Suicide after I overdose it ain't over yo
Over your dead body then I'll be ghost
Was an instant asylum, North West
I don't got no time for Kim Kardashian baby jokes
Put a four-five in your grandma's car
Then give a pickle for her to deepthroat
I'm a creep? No
You don't even know the half of it
In pre-school my teacher had a a fat ass and I masturbate
Watch the rewrite, add it
I got kicked out of kickball
And I had to sit in the fucking dead hall
Had a paper for me to draw
I drew me fucking her in the bathroom stall
Seven years old, my dick was small
I didn't even know if I had balls
But, I'mma go to Walmart with a dead baby and shot him in my shopping cart
Stab into security guard
That's what he gets for trying to get involved
You're gonna need the cops, Satan and a freemason to saw off my arms
Jeesus, God, a revolver, rope
Stand next to me to keep me calm, I'm wiled up
I won every fucking process who to bend over and
Let me stick my little pee pee in your vee vee
It's an unpleasant fuck, but hey
Everybody gotta bust a nut, so shit, come on, huh
Can I have mine, hun?
Everybody wanna be Pac, ya'll wanna be Pac now
Got so many bars since a lockdown
Mike Vic's sick pig, lock jaw
I'mma list a high school cheerleader, take her pom poms
Use it to strangle her in my car
Toss her body in her momma's yard
And ring a door bell and in my whip I swerve off
I'm gone and I'm off the hood, I'm gone for good
Good morning, ho, here's your morning wood
Inside your mouth, I've been inside your house for two weeks now
I dive off the Empire State Building, bounce, and I break apart
Then I put myself together and I walk it off
You in your office think that I haven't seen you're a barking dog
Once you find me you can't call it off
I break the law
I go the bar then I start a brawl
And anybody who can go against me: you gonna get knocked out
Cause you be gay-looking boy
I bust out the AK-looking boy
You stink, you a Jack looking boy
You ain't even wanna be the looking boy who be looking at the boys cause the boys have you be missing, boy
What's going on with the boy [?]
Whether I'm in a brand new Porsche
I'm in the corpse
The voice of the intercourse with a hot [?]
In the boulevard unless you wanna suck my balls at the buss stop
In the bus stops
They be looking at me like I'm fucking crazy and their jaw drops
But, go ahead she can do it in public if she wants to, wants to, uh
And these hoes don't like you, they don't want you, want you
"Young Sik Kid, I fucking want you, I want you"
I'm so quick in this bitch it's stormthrough, stormthrough
Shoulda pulled out like Billy Ray before birthing to Miley Cyrus
Her VMA performance made me wanna do the same [?] for trying
You know Jessie J popping that pussy, though
When he says no you know that he's lying
But I keep that flabby flat ass a secret too, yeah I will hide it
I'mma kinky some royal heighness
I'm the baddest rapper
You can hate on me, but you know that my word are finest
Man, you don't fucking get it, man
You can use a web but I still kick your ass
And I fuck your girl, but I'm a minute man
Shit, but at least I admit it, but still, I'm still getting laid
I rip the wings off of a plane and let that shit go down, down, let it go down
I'm a hip hop maniac
Fuck society because I can't adapt
I'mma spill coke till I fucking collapse
And I'mma wake up naked inside my back
Fuck it, when you're sick, motherfucker you can go ahead and diss me, though
I won't diss you back
You will get famous on my own track
Everybody wanna talk out, you can lay out, I'mma stake out by the playground
I'll take out my toys
Huh, dude, you wanna play now?
You can't ever go against me
Take a paparazzi, tell him: film me
Cause I'mma take this knife and shove it inside your kidney
I'm Sikney, I [?] against Whitney
You're faker than her titties
You can't even go against this God, cause I need a Goddess
Yeah, I'm Sik Kid, motherfucker
We know when I'm rapping you know that I'm the hardest
If Eminem ever heard this track, he'd probably say that my words are flawless
But if I got a Sik Kid hater, he'd probably say that I'm garbage
I'mma run up this industry, your favorite rappers my target
Little Wayne, Drake, Kanye, even Hopsin
Everybody know my problem, I got problems inside inside of my noggin
If you want it, take precaution when you're walking
To my sick mind I'm acid high
Got an attitude, I can't comply
Let's all practise suicide, please, do die
I played the lines that I'm snorting
They wish I didn't exist like I was abortion
Young Sik God

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