Slow Pain - The O.G. [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Slow Pain
Album: The O.G.
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Slow Pain]
Slow Pain
The O.G
The album
Past due
I made this album for my fans
Cause I love you
Everything I say
Everything I do
Is comin' from the heart
Come here, little youngster
Let me take you on a ride
The journey
In my low-low
Slow Pain
The bald headed cholo
You feel me

(Verse 1)
Slow Pain, homeboy, I love the game, homeboy
Ten years strong, doin' my thang, homeboy
Put the raza on the map (Raza on the map)
Since way back
In '95, doin' car shows with Roger and Zapp (Rest in peace)
Thinkin' back to the good days
The good times
Bust a freestyle raps
To It's A Thin Line
Mary Wells in my lowrider (What, what)
I got Two Lovers (Two lovers)
Makin' love Between The Sheets by The Isley Brothers (Ha ha ha)
Fifty-thirties creased up
I said it first (I said it first)
My feet rollin' in a Regal since my first verse
Remember me?
The Baby O.G
Yellin' 213
When it's sorry, used to be (Yeah)
No 562's
No 310's (No)
No 626's
No wack ass flows (Dale)
Just a few good men
Rappin' on the mic (On the mic)
Yellin' brown ride
Reppin' that raza right (Raza)

Chorus: Slow Pain
This is how we ride
Every single day
Livin' do or die
Rollin' through L.A
Born into the game
My daddy was a G
If I'm Lil' Savage, then my son's Savage Three

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
Hooked up with Tony G and the homie Eazy E (Tony G)
Then the song Coup DeVille
With the sickest A.L.T. (What up, dawg)
I miss my dawg (My dawg)
Alvin Louis Trevette (What's up)
He was the baddest brown rapper that I ever met
Get at me, homie (Get at me, homie)
You know I'm still right here (Yeah)
Both our hands in the air
And a tall can beer (Budwiser)
Like it used to be
Back in the days
When we was broke as fuck in my room, playin' spades
Hit the Alley Colliseum with Cypress Hill and Ice Cube
In my
County blues and howl slipper shoes
I rock that shit (What, what)
Like a '64 rag
Forty thousand gangsta homies
Wavin' the Mexican flag
In the year before
I was in the crowd, at the top (At the top)
Chest to chest
Beefin' with the cops
Me and my dreams come true (Thank you)
Now, I'm in the rap game
Ten years later, sayin' gracias for everythang (Homie)

Repeat Chorus Twice

(Verse 3)
I met Bone Thugs (Thuggish Ruggish)
Before they had any Harmony
Did the Superbowl half time party (Joker Brown)
With Kris Kross, Jump Around, Deborah Cox and Keith Sweat
All drunk, got subbed with Eazy tatted on my neck
Came home and bought a dope ass
In '98, hooked up
With the playa Too $hort ($hort biotch)
He said, "Slow Pain
You little Tony Montana" (Montana)
Two days later, I was recording in Atlanta
Kickin' back with Andre Rosland
And Eightball
At the strip club, watchin' Top Shaw shotcall (Biotch)
Sippin' on Corona with a gangsta lean
I swear to God it all happened, I know it sounds like a dream (Gracias)
And to my fans
There's no me without you
My kids won't eat without you
That's why I love you (Love you)
That's some real shit (Real shit)
It's comin' straight from the heart
It's 12 o'clock midnight (What)
And I'm sittin' in the park (Homie)

Repeat Chorus Til Fade

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