The CMC's - Eternity [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: The CMC's
Album: Everyday Death Sentence
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Stop the clock, time out, lets meet Eternity head on
The rhymer forever so start the clock, I'm the next so
2 minutes of forever but never never dawn on you
By the sex fun and fad that you had, doesnt matter to you
You had eternal life but didn't pick it
Youd rather kick it with the wicked, now it's time to get your Hell ticket
No more homies, you're lonely, only demons do you service
Set and trippin, crime slippin, cause you nervous
Guilty as charged, Spirit comes and you pause
Now you see yourself gettin swallowed up by Hell's jaws
Now the lark, mmm, dark like a cave
Rave, please, at times like these I know you wish you was saved
S'okay, you tormented though you pray day and night
And though you waitin for an answer from Christ, not in this life
Eternally seperated, you hated, frustrated
That CMC tape that you had, you shoulda played it
Consumed by the fire, see the torment levels gettin higher, another level
Hearin the evil chuckle from the devil
For a cup of water you drool, never find one that cools
Now you wish you had one more chance to go to Sunday School
Flames you inhale, flames you exhale
The girl or guy you used to sleep with's in the next cell
You can't sweat, thats wet, you fret
But it ain't worse as it gets cause you ain't even got judged yet
Time to break to the lake, here you come
Where to escape pain people chew on their tongues, (oooh)
You wasn't in The Book of Life
And now forever and ever your soul burns day and night
If any body thinks I'm lyin about that scene
Read Revelation 20:15', picture this
Youre trapped in the cell in Hell
You wail for bail but fail
Cause you fell to Hell, the Mantrell
They nailed, to the Crucifix
Your mark 666
Silly rabbit, Christ's kids get the Trix
A feast to say the least, the Prince of Peace is the hostess
The meat prepared for see cause this is nothing that ghosts get
Until your last breath, Christ was exhalted
To Saved Born Again man the soul was catapulted
Before God's Throne now, no reason for me to frown
People that live right, Jesus promised they'll see the crown
He pleads my case as I approach the Pearly Gates
No more sickness, no more greed, no more hate
No more dyin over colors or brothers killin other brothers
No evil in this land, only love is what I'm thinkin of
Glory to God, ain't no place like Heaven
We're givin praises to God like 24-7
I fought the good fight of faith and ran the race
And now I finally get to see my Savior's face
Water of Life from The Throne flowin down
Proper gold slippers to match my gold crown
Transparent gold streets no doubt
And every time I'm thinkin about it, it makes me wanna shout
"HALLELUJAH", Walls of Jasper
Man I'm glad I serve The Master
Joy and laughter, Your praises I'm bringin
Dancin, shoutin, music, and angels are singin
"Holy Holy Holy" while the sinners are burnin, G
I eat from The Tree of Life and live with God eternally

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