The CMC's - S.O.W. [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: The CMC's
Album: Everyday Death Sentence
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

I gots to sow, S O to the W
You step to me and say what you been up to
Good loc, cause no good is behind me
Once upon a time I was down on them streets
Off L.A., and lops down liz over (?)
Jehovah, a born a Gizmo a soldier
Holdin this microphone and I'm Samoan
And Heaven is where I'm goin
Yes, its all about Jesus
And the two-edged sword I packs whenever bust (?)
Swiftly slicin, no one lyin and conivin (?)
The Body of Christ (yeah) were risin up (y'all)
We gettin tougher than tough
The Body of Christ is the Body of God's Love
Always preachin, never stoppin
Jesus loves you, in Hebrew that's " agape "
I'm here to share his lovingkindness
Cause when I was told it broke my blindness
I praise God cause now I see clearly
Hopin that America's youth would hear me
There is hope and God is in control
Yo Free (whats up?) tell 'em bro

[Daddy Free]
I gots to sow, a puttin nuttin to hold (?)
Strictly Gospel, I will alone, on this cold (?)
War, when satan clogs up with the mobs
And keeps ya blind, makin sure you'll never find
So I'll shine, cause I'm a lyrical evangelist
S.O.W. means Straight Out Witness
Tellin it like it is, that's what I'm called to do
So all of you take heed of the whole truth
Yeah the truth hurts, but Hell is forever
Heaven is also, if or, I never (?)
Change ya, arranged a, way its supposed to be
It F R to the ee is pumpin, down for disscussion
I'm here to reach, and give my people the somethin
Positive, cleaned, and uncompromised
Livin right for the end time
So gear up Church, yo, we fixed to roll
(you've got the time) we gots to sow

[Chorus: Tik Tokk of the Gospel Gangstas]
Dont you know we've got to sow (weve got to sow)
(dont you know you got to sow, so get up and do what cha gotta do-n-do-do)
Can't you see its up to you and me (weve got to sow)
(we got to sow, you don't hear me though, tell me what chu waitin for)

Church we've got to sow

Brethren, sow a seed is a must-do
Now is the time for us to bust through
The fallow grounds in the heart of man
So let the message of Christ echo in our land
(take yo stand) and never cease to preach
Or reach and teach, release the peace
To each and all, heed the call, don't stall
Preach it ? (yeah) hold it back ? nah
Compromisin in a world that's dyin
With all this violence how can we be silent ?
(we can't) that's insane, stand ready
The laborers are few and the harvest is plenty
Seed sown is God's Word bein told
I'm Saved today cause a young brotha was bold
To let me know, he gave straight out, word
This one goes out the Church, we've gots to sow

[repeat Chorus]

In Jesus Name, elevate in the faith now
Penetrate, demonstrate, God's Grace here
To motivate ya, now we can't make ya move
It's on you to stand up on ya own two
So won't chu think back and consider
Picture the first time you were Delivered
Set free, from all that bondage
No Biblical knowledge, tell me now what if
We as Christians were never told
Me and my bro would still be in South Central
L.A., wasted on them streets, where would you be ?
L O S T, somewhere out there, nowhere
God knew the seeds would grow here
This is why I'm praisin my God
For sendin Christians who got the time
Done, now I'm a son, you are sons and daughters
So holla cause God the Father
Gave the increase the seeds that were sown
We're results of seeds that were grown and rooted
Move it, come on, step to it, just do it
And God will see ya through it
And not to offend, but a message I'm sendin
To motivate my brethren, to what ?
You've got to sow

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