The East23rd - Don't tell dad [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: The East23rd
Data wydania: 2013-06-01
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Trade Voorhees

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Tekst piosenki

Intro: Poel
It's 9 to 5 Hip Hop
Proudly presented by Trade Voorhees and Poel

Verse 1: Poel
We make day to day bounce
This is working mans' Hip Hop
It's time for average folks to get they voice heard
It's life in song form divisions have blurred
Poel on the push on the pull is Trade Voorhees
Body and Soul calculated the sum 2-3
Know the number 19 still rep my hood dog
Breathe Supreme Wisdom but I still sag hard
Know Don Alejandro, HuNAbKu, and Fard
I walk the Mayan Code, Simple life no drama
Black beans and cactus, the lessons of my momma
Never heard a Mexicano that can spit like this
But this moment ain't about me, it's about me and you
The uniting of the minds, 2012 and pushing through
It's know coincidence it all happens for a reason
The people that you meet through the passing of the seasons
The family made from friends that's The East23rd
Before you never knew now look it's being heard
That fact we're meeting means there's bigger things in motion
Like Sun, Moon, and stars and the movements of the oceans
Balance, laugh, and cry. Keep the 6-4 coasting
Forever love my hood but keep my third eye open

Verse 2: Trade Voorhees
Yooo, I swear back in the day
I use to get picked on by faggots
Who probably still living home with momma on some sad shit
Real life music, put a steel spike through it
And watch it bleed like purple skin on ripe bruises
Learned from the OG's I got some tight muses
Ya'll just hanging around like tight nooses
Rolling down 23rd with Poel
Still getting that mail, and ain't got no deal
For real, I'm the illest
Ask your kin folk
From Long Beach to Las Vegas
Dog I can spit dope
All you new age rappers can kick rocks
Call my shit real talk ya can have Hip Hop

Verse 3: Poel
Cause all punk no funk chump
Never knew the block now
Afraid to face life, know ya asses all way back
No fill no thrill little kid flow
I'm half lord half man, control the mic stand
Ask Soph, she'll boast
Talking: Sophia Rosales
"Psychologically speaking, my pops is all screwed up"
2-3 dots where my thoughts got chewed up
Fools came through got they brains all bruised up
Bottles and bats, long before all the shoot ups
Test? What test? My man I suggest
You sit'cha ass down while the class gets going
Mayan child born so they're ain't no knowing
Will he spit conscious or kick out the slang?
IQ 1-3-5 but fucker still hangs
Run the spectrum both ways, keep my brain balanced
Married 18 years you think you're a challenge?
Bitch please! you ain't shit
Send your baddest quiz
Alex Trubeck will come through and shit his
I'll take the block for $1000
Politics for a $100
I've studied everything from Busch to growing shrooms
From 20 sacks to Tesla, Page to B.B. King
Give thorough explanations on everything in-between
Test my knowledge strong I run my breath long
2-3 family it ain't the same ol' song
Ya thought we broke up? Ya fools is dead wrong
Still play hot potato with these atomic bombs, and we're gone....
Poel and Trade.......

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